How to optimize your titles for Google and for your visitors


            You may be a professional SEO, the SEO optimization of your blog has become automatic, but are your articles read so far? There is no greater mistake today to complete your credentials keywords to search engines, forgetting that the people who will read them ... are not machines! ..

On the one hand there is the SEO aspect, it is necessary that your blog is optimized for search engines, your title should contain the right keywords, to "echo" with the rest of your content etc ... else hand, there is the "human" aspect!

A "human" title is a title that speaks ...

Many bloggers forget this parameter in search of better visibility, but why have a title on the first page of Google if users prefer to click on that of your competitors simply because it seems more interesting?

There is no interest in working are positioning without thinking about the grip of titles!

A good title equals a good SEO ...

Before thinking Copywriting (after some prefer but I prefer front), there are some rules to know SEO for writing the title of your articles.

1. Identify the most relevant keywords in your article

The most relevant keywords are those that are most representative in your page, the ones you'll use everywhere, we must also use in your titles.

Make a list of the 10 most representative keywords and select the 3 most important is they who should be your title.

2. Define priority keywords

For SEO, the relevance of the first words of your title is paramount. You must be careful when possible to place your most relevant keywords before the rest of your title.

3. Use the title h1, h2, h3 etc ...

The use of keywords in H1, H2 and H3 and a major factor Google SEO.

If you use WordPress as a blog engine, you do not have a lot of trouble to you on that side. WordPress uses the default h1 tag to surround your titles. Think however to use other tags when writing your articles for subtitles.

If you use another type of blog or have you even made your site, you should not leave your title "paragraph" format, size or color is not enough to tell search engines how important your titles!

Your title is it human? Better manage the grip of your securities.

The Copywriting is a real job, it can turn a simple text into action text. Yes but now, you're not going to hire a copywriter for each new title or article that you write ... so how?

When writing a song, please think about the person who will read it.

Your visitors are not robots !! They have emotions and are sensitive to words / phrases you use.

There is therefore essential to know three things when writing a title.

1. Inform original way ...

Your readers are looking for information, they must be sure that they will find upon reading the title otherwise they will not go away !!

Inform the reader that he will find what he seeks is the basis of a title, but many titles are similar and more and more readers are fleeing certain securities.

We must at all costs remain original!

2. Hook, create mystery or interest!

The grip is very important, you will not get anywhere with a title that does not call for action!

Nobody likes to be in error, and like you and me, knowledge that it is possible to stop making this mistake is enough to give us the desire to read how.

I could easily have scored:

"Why very few people read your articles? »


"How many players have you lost with your cans titles? »

Be careful though not to be too provocative, provoke or start a controversy are interesting marketing techniques, but you may take full figure.

3. Quality and simplicity

 Wrong again not to commit and I must give this advice and do not always follow it;)

Maximum Quality is essential, it is necessary that the location of the title and the title itself breathes!

Conclusion: SEO or Human?

The choice is often difficult to do. There is firstly the desire to break into the search engines and also the need to have an interesting title, "readable".

We must remember one crucial thing, there is not a method for everyone, but as many methods as there creativity in all of us.

It may be useful to complete a title keywords without really caring grip of it and conversely, sometimes the keywords are not as important as that.

You have to know the right balance between the one and the other.

Apply to keep the whole thing in the middle.

Think also optimize your blog for quick indexing of your articles in the search engines.

Although the title of the work takes on importance in SEO have a blog, do not forget that this is the first thing your visitors read.

In your opinion, if there were two bathrooms with two different messages on the door, which would you be tempted to visit?

- Bathroom with sink, bath, shower, toilet, soap and shampoo.

- In the bathroom, there is all the comfort you need.

The title is like the gateway to your article (or blog), think about it !!

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