5 reasons to be interested in advertising on social Media

Social Media

         Social Media are regularly seen as levers to create and unite a community around its brand, products. This is of course the most common use today, but is it the only one in a climate where the natural range of publications is doomed to decline over time? Can you enjoy the benefits of social Media without wanting to host a community? The simple answer is yes, particularly through advertising on social media, also called Social Ads. Why do you enjoy this web marketing lever that grew in strength?

Social media, strong tendency of the twenty-first century whose uses defray all chronic. Who could have imagined as Facebook or even Twitter are integrated so quickly and with such intensity in our newspapers? Yet it is a reality today with over 70% of Internet users are enrolled in a social media and they spend an average of 2H per day. Internet users are quick to share their opinions and interact with other live unknown on different platforms, often in public.

Use of Data and segmentation

        The classification and segmentation data are real challenges for the actors of social media that seek to continually refine the segmentation of their users. The objective of this race for the finest possible granularity is to target 2 main objectives: to identify and isolate groups of individuals around common similarities. This is one of the strengths of media like Facebook and Twitter that can isolate individuals niches through different parameters harvesting and data segmentation.

This means simply that there is a good chance that you can find your target heart directly on social media through the intersection of several targeting variables. Interesting is not it?

Targeting or rather micro-targeting

        This fine segmentation of the database is not done for nothing. The final objective is the provision advertisers to very precise targeting opportunities. As I said earlier, you will be able to reach very specific niches of users that may well match the characteristics of your current and future customers ...

Note, for example targeting Custom or Personalized Hearing Hearings Facebook that allows you to directly target your customers on Facebook with the matching between your database and base of Facebook users. From this list of hearing, you can also use lookalike Hearing that define a typical profile of users through categorizing your customers on Facebook and thus able to target individuals similar to your customers ...

The targeting of traditional media is exceeded by these new levers, time 4/3 posters with a generic message to reach as many individuals with no visibility and no control over the types of individuals seems far away!

Measuring, testing, analysis and campaign optimization

        Maneuverability and visibility are two important elements of advertising on social media. Start advertising on social media is not necessarily spend its entire budget over time. Indeed, it's you (or your agent) who have control over your budget, your campaign strategy, your auctions ... You do not buy advertising space.

So you will be able to adapt over time settings for your campaigns with a precise overview of statistics, the results of different tests ... An advertising campaign on social media that is working, it is optimized just like a AdWords campaign. Do not think that it is possible to set up an effective campaign with a few clicks by setting a budget and targeting the entire ...

The diverse and varied formats

       The main actors of social media have a business model based solely on advertising. They therefore aimed to provide advertisers the most relevant advertising formats possible to increase thereafter income. This is not an easy task because they must also ensure not to degrade the user experience. It is also one of the reasons why Facebook is changing regularly offers its advertising.

At present there are many formats that can meet almost all the issues that may confront an advertiser. Here are a few:

  • Increase sales
  • Acquire qualified traffic
  • Booster downloading its mobile application
  • Highlight a special operation
  • Etc.

At the formats we mentioned in particular:

  • Domain Ads (Facebook)
  • Sponsored Posts (Facebook)
  • Page Ads like (Facebook)
  • Mobile App Install (Facebook)
  • Sponsored Tweets (Twitter)
  • Cards Twitter (Twitter)

A helpful and qualified mobile audience

      The mobile is a major issue at present with the increasing rise of daily uses of mobile users. It is important to treat the mobile as a separate lever which uses are different than other media. If you have a mobile application, or if you want to reach a targeted audience the Mobile Social Ads will once again appear as a wise and most relevant lever.

Indeed, mobile hearings Facebook, no less than 945 million mobile users worldwide, including 13 million in France, and 76% of Twitter users is 184 million are simply enormous. It is therefore an active and qualified audience you are going to target. There are suitable formats for mobile application development (Mobile App Install Facebook and Twitter at Twitter Cards) but also for acquiring qualified traffic, putting forward a message ...


Advertising on social media has genuine strengths is a lever to integrate into your thinking and your strategy if you are looking for a lever allowing you to target groups of individuals in a very precise.

Moreover, we must assimilate the fact that by using the Social Ads you target users and not keywords as might be the case with Google AdWords. Your expectations must be different because in 2 cases the context in which the user is hit is far from similar.

I think it is also important to note that the implementation of advertising campaigns on social media require a certain level of knowledge and skills to obtain interesting results. Indeed, it is a lever that works upstream and optimizes over the countryside.

What do you think of Social Ads? Have you set up advertising campaigns on social media?

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