5 Backlink strategies that work for SEO

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5 BackLink Strategies For Seo

          One of the best ways to promote your online business, especially if you are using SEO to drive traffic, is working on a strategy of acquiring Backlinks.

However, as a passionate SEO and being someone who only uses optimizations strategies called "white hat" I see people make a lot of mistakes when implementing this strategy.

Here are some strategies that I use to make the acquisition of more effective backlinks and improve my rankings in the search engines.

1. First of all, although his homework.

          You may be wondering what the techniques of "white hat". These are techniques that will work ALWAYS with the search engines, like writing blog posts, newspaper articles, or optimize each page for search engines, and create backlinks that link to its site. It's a little Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Instead, copy and reorganization items, may be it will work today, but the longer it goes, the more engines want to improve the quality of their content. Work on the long term.

These are the main techniques I use, because they work and still work.

The fact is that you have more pages listed in the search engines, you will have more sites pointing to your site, and therefore more easily be found you, and more Google will love you <3.

While writing articles, blogs, news articles and optimizing pages work, you will still do your homework, that is to say, do a search on search engines to understand how Sites arrive in top rankings in other words, what keywords they use, and how their pages are optimized for those keywords, etc.

You can help you to Alexa, because it allows to see traffic statistics, and see which sites have common backlinks. Then use Yahoo Site Explorer to see the backlinks from these sites, other sites. Finally, use eg FireFox plugin Seobook, for other information, such as "keyword density" for each page, also the number of backlinks in the area of ​​the page, and positioning for their keyword with link to SEMRush. By analyzing these sites, you can understand a little better, their SEO strategy.

In all cases, SEO is a set of criteria that must learn to spot. For this, you can read my ebook on SEO or take a full SEO training.

How to analyze your competition:

To start, look for the keywords you are targeting, or even if you do not aim, look for key words, "to analyze the strategy" of this site. Look closely at the sites above. Study the keywords, titles and descriptions they use in their headers. Also view the source code, to have a global vision of keywords, and use the tools mentioned above. Also read the text pages. It's not that complicated to optimize your pages: Just write the contents by repeating your keywords, which will be appreciated by the search engines, while keeping your content easy to read and understand for your visitors. (2 to 4% density is a good number for your keywords)

2. Create backlinks to additional sites.

         I get occasional requests to exchange backlinks on some sites, and I have to reject about half because I do not want to link with sites that have nothing to do with mine. (For example Smilies Vs. phones)

The key here is to understand that Google, the most important of all search engines, NOT AS considers the number of backlinks to your website, but also their relevance.

Sites that are similar or complementary to yours, give you more credibility and better page rank as tons of sites that have nothing to do with your site. Make the relevant backlinks pointing to your site. If your site is about tennis, then look for backlinks to blogs talking about tennis, and why not specialized sites on the sport.

3. Choose relevant keywords, highly sought after and very competitive for the text of your anchors.

          This trick is related to the trick No. 4. Before send requests for backlinks to other webmasters, make sure you target the right keywords. We must not only have a lot of relevant backlinks, but your keywords are also attracting traffic. For example for this blog, if you are "spying on me," you can see that I build backlinks with Anchor "Bloggingchimp," among others. I speak in more detail anchors below, but first, use Google KeyWord Tool to select those keywords. Check the competition, and has enough research to be this / these keywords.

4. Change the text of your anchors.

          Google decided that the texts located between tags <a href= "»> </a> and must be different. Too many identical backlinks pointing to your site may appear to be spam. That does not mean it is spam, and time, you do not have control over how other sites are their backlinks to your site ...

That said, if you decide to exchange backlinks with others, vary your anchor text. Vary between your main keywords.

5. Try alternatives to software.

          Although there is a lot of software that you can use to help you automate this process, I advise you to be careful if you use it. Although they seem to speed things up for you, you can end up with a lot of backlinks pointing to you but having no relevance. Or worse, lose seats because of too many identical backlinks, or backlinks "garbage" (This happens very little, because again, your competitors could fill you too easily). And these programs will be of little help if you do not regularly change your anchor text.

If you choose to use software to automate the process of contact sites only, be sure to personalize your emails. Again, do your homework and make sure you actually send your emails to sites that complement yours. Nobody likes to receive e-mails beginning with "Dear Webmaster". And secondly, we all love to receive personalized emails :).

No matter how you develop a linking strategy for your site, but what is on is that you will develop one if you want good rankings in the search engines. This is one of the main criteria for Google. Concentrate, looking for backlinks on sites of your niche authority sites, backlinks DoFollow (Use Search Status to check that the backlinks of a site are DoFollow. That is followed by Google. For example TonWebMarketing, they are after 5!), and also, focus on only one way backlinks rather than link exchanges. And finally, treat the anchor link.

This is the part of SEO, I do not really like. Site search, contact, creating backlinks, it takes a lot of time, and it's very difficult. If your site is good, it will naturally backlinks. But the reality is, you will also need to work on. For example Ajourd'hui, after 10 months of existence, I am the second page of Google for my main keyword. That's a pretty good performance, especially since I have not given a lot of effort, for cons, it proves that it takes time. On the other hand, also think about the long tail, to grow your traffic. Also provide backlinks to your articles, not only to the primary domain.

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