The advantages and disadvantages of video blogs

Video Blogs

Advantages and Disadvantages of video blogs

          Video experiencing a meteoric rise over the net. Youtube is one of the most visited sites in the world, we spend at least a few minutes a day watching a video of any kind, and we like that, it's interactive, visual, short, much nicer than text.

A video blog ... anyone?

         Video blogs have many advantages over text-based blogs, and it is not surprising that this new technology is also spreading faster than a tribe of rabbits.

- Video blogs very effectively attract the attention of Internet users, and people are so likely to be interested in the dynamic content of a video blog that, paradoxically, these blogs are rare compared to the demand. More your video blog will inspire people, the faster word of mouth, and you will have traffic to your site.

- Secondly, what the video compared to other types of media is to directly create an authority (if of course the video is properly rotated). The offer is not yet well developed on that side, so that even with minimal hardware and content, it is possible to position itself as an authority in its field, thanks to the video.

Yes, but ...

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to video blogs.

- Hosting a video blog requires space on the server, which can make it difficult to launch. Drawback, which can be bypassed by hosting videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

- It takes more time to process and send a video than it takes to write a story, more creating and updating a video blog takes work. First, it is best to write a script for your videos, then there is the filming, editing, etc. On average, it takes 5 times longer than a text content, it also depends on the size of the content.

- It also happens that people are frustrated with the slow loading times on video blogs. A computer that train, a slow connection ... make sure your public videos are not too heavy.

- A video can not be traveled by the search engines. And as they prefer the text content, quality and volume to determine the relevance of a page compared to a keyword, videos are a little less well referenced. (Even if the text around a video, tends to have more weight than a text without video)

Whether or not to blog video depends on the subject you want to cover, and how much time you can devote to it. Personally I think the video is a great option, and if I had to create a blog in a saturated theme, I will only video. Or video, with text or transcript below, mixing both ways, for SEO, and the relationship with visitors.

What to do, when you have enough developed your web venture, for a service that helps you writing and editing!

And you the video that you tried? If so, she has improved your results?

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