3 tools to analyze your website

tools to analyze your site

         3 free online tools to learn all about your website SEO, design, optimization, information on the host ... For testing immediately on your website and your competitors.

It can be useful to analyze your website to see what will and what will not. Often you can not see it, but some things have saddled your website. And they can be repaired easily. To identify them, there 3 free online tools that I recommend:

1- Site Analyzer :

site analyzer

Paste your URL, tap Enter and let go Analyze your website Site X-ray It shows a full report in 8 points:
  • Overview
  • accessibility
  • design
  • texts
  • Multimedia
  • mesh

By clicking on each point, you will see what is working and what's wrong and how to fix it. It is clear, accessible, and French. To test urgently!

2- SEO SiteCheckup :

Seo SiteCheckUp

This time, it is the search engine optimization of your website that will be under scrutiny. SiteCheckup SEO will tell you what to do to improve internal SEO of your wesite, and gives it a score out of 100. Could do better ...

3- ClearWebStats :

clear web stats

You want to know everything about a website, absolutely everything? Try ClearWebStats. It will give you lots of fascinating information as the website of PageRank, information about its owner, or even an estimate of the daily traffic of the website's value and income of its owner!

Bonus: the tool to determine the loading speed of your website and optimize it to the maximum

Pingdom tools

This tool gives you complete information on loading time on the home page of your website and give it a score out of 100. Better than that, it will detect the plugins that slow your WordPress blog and more will help you optimize all that.

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