What is nofollow and dofollow ?

nofollow And dofollow

Nofollow And Dofollow

I know I'm not the first to do an article on these two terms, but I wanted to write a few lines about the subject,

It starts with the big question:

What is nofollow and dofollow ?

         Nofollow and dofollow are actually the attributes that carry the links on a website. To make a small translation:
  • Nofollow means: do not follow.
  • Dofollow means: follow.

Why follow a link?

When talking to follow, we speak of course of the search engines that take into account your link for your SEO. The more your blog will have links to other web sites and over its Google PageRank will be valued.

An example?

Consider the site wordpress.org

This site is Pagerank 9 (the maximum is 10). He arrived Pagerank 9 because there are millions links that point to it.

For proof, whenever a person launches a WordPress blog on WordPress anchored link is present by default on the blog. Free or not to let the apparent.

But here's a concrete example where the ratio of a link on thousands of sites can raise the Pagerank.

So if we return to our sheep, the higher your link is present on web pages and your blog will increase in visibility, positioning and pagerank.

The rub!

By default, all links for your WordPress blog comments are nofollow. That is to say, Google & Co. do not follow your link to make progress.

Shucks, but why?

In fact, WordPress developers have originally nofollow attribute to deter spammers to come leave tons of comments on your blog.

It is in our interest that the WP team to leave nofollow links.

But today, with antispam plugins like Akismet or Antispambee, one can easily reduce unwanted comments.

What is the point of Making your blog dofollow ?

It's simple and I show you how in 2 minutes. But the Points Are Double:
  • For the blogger: It will be well advised to make blog dofollow for a lot of comments on your blog.
Comments are precisely the strength of blogs compared to websites that do not have them. They give real value and make the content more lively blog. In addition, Google loves.
  • To the commentator: Leaving comments on dofollow blogs , it can improve your SEO, pagerank and be more visible on the canvas.
dofollow blog

Dofollow blog

How to Check if The Blog is Dofollow ?

Next browsers, there are many extensions to see if a blog is nofollow.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox you will find for example the extension SEO QUAKE

For Internet Explorer, I unfortunately found nothing. So you will maybe change browser.

If you use SEO QUAKE, you need only check the "Hightlight no-follow" option so that this extension does not show you a toolbar or ads on Google.


How to Make your blog dofollow?

There are two ways to Make your blog dofollow.
  • Either you use a plugin as the plugin NoFollow Free where you can choose the number of comments to leave before moving dofollow.
  • Either you put a code in your functions.php file of your theme to remove the nofollow attribution default WordPress.

My opinion.

I think it's good to comment on dofollow blogs in order to improve your SEO. But do not forget the human side.

That's what I find important to comment on nofollow Blogs.

If you comment on a blog nofollow, blog readers will also come to your blog.

In addition, the blog author may see that you are not reviewing articles than interest, which will facilitate future partnership.

Personally, I like to read articles on various blogs. And when I liked the article, I usually leaves a comment, the blog is dofollow or nofollow.


Well, now you know all about the nofollow and dofollow. These terms will not be unknown to you.

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