99+ Best Ideas For Fiverr Gigs

Ideas For Fiverr Gigs

For those who do not yet know Fiverr is the new marketplace (not so new as that) where "people share what they are willing to do for $5. "

You can find everything there, and this is a great site for those who wish to create a small supplement by selling their expertise. I created this article for those who don't have enough ideas and don't know how to start on Fiverr, these 99+ Best Ideas For Fiverr Gigs are popular right now on the site.

Graphic Design

1. Applications

Many mobile developers like to include mock-up (saw) their applications as they would appear on mobile or tablet to illustrate their website or even directly on Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. Easy to do if you know a little design, you can also find models of all models made on a site like Graphic River (in English) or even free Internet.

2. CD / Album cover

Musicians, rappers and DJ are another large population of gigs on Fiverr buyers. You can quickly and easily create 2D model / 3D for their album cover (or CD box), templates are available on Graphic River.

3. Designs on T-Shirt

Many people want to see their logos / designs on t-shirts. 

4. Book 3D covers

There are many writers on Fiverr looking for covers for their ebooks. You do not have to be a graphic designer or a Photoshop miracle to be able to create a good 3D book dummy.

You can find models on Graphic River and even free templates via Google. And remember to reuse your created, a logo, a color or a modified text and it's a whole new coverage you can sell!

5. Product / Packaging

Business owners and software developers are looking on Fiverr for their product and packaging. You can find free or cheap models all over the Internet and use them to your gigs.

6. favicons

You know that little 16 × 16 picture that appears in your browser tab? Google prefers sites with a favicon (SEO trick). You can create one from scratch.

7. Words Cloud Image

A new trend for many blogs and websites is to show creating word clouds for their website to illustrate the most popular or common words used on their site. You can create free for your buyer via several specialized sites easily found on Google.

8. Facebook Cover Photos

This is a gig that continues cartooning despite its apparent simplicity. There's a lot of free tools you can use to generate a great shot (to size!) to the Facebook profile of your buyers. Cover Junction, Timeline Cover Banner, Pic Scatter and FaceitPages will all work.

9. Advertising Banners

Search the most frequently used banners (at size level) and use the best examples to create your own banners for your buyers. No need to be creative, just knowing a banner copy!

10. Design A Logo

The logo design is one of the most requested on Fiverr gigs. You do not have to be a graphic designer or even possess a graphic design software to create simple logos. Use a free website as LogoYes to create logos for your buyers on Fiverr.

11. Picture Editing / Red Eye Removal

If you have some experience with Photoshop, photo editing is highly sought. Especially for simple things like fixing red eyes that can easily be done via Photoshop or even with a free online tool.

12. Application Icon

Via photoshop or using a free template on the Internet, it is easy to create a mobile application icon at the top for developers who have a little trouble with that part.

13. Turn your photos into digital paintings

Turn quickly and easily the photo of someone in a digital painting either with Photoshop (lots of tutorials online) or with a free tool. Yes, some people like to be painted.

14. Edit images / graphics

A simple task like saving images in different formats, change color of objects and removing a background from images are all quick jobs that you can charge $ 5 on Fiverr.

15. Edit Image In ASCII Art

Edit the photo of someone in ASCII Art (a black and white image style a bit special) in seconds with Picascii.com.

16. Simpsons Character

Another gig easy to do and yet surprisingly popular is taking the picture and someone and turn into Simpsons character. 10 minutes max you can do that by a specialized processing site!

17. South Park Characters

You or your buyer prefer South Park? same story

18. Website Template

you can find Templates ready to use on Graphic River.

Web Design

19. WordPress Site Transfers

Transfer quickly and easily. Just install WordPress on the new host and installer Clone WP plugin on both facilities. Then simply clone the original installation before you copy paste the link into the new install plugin. Also works with the Export option of origin of WordPress. Easy !

20. Install WordPress in a safe manner

It is easier than ever to install WordPress, especially with the options "1 click installation" offered by most hosts (including Bluehost I use). And yet people are still paying for it. Add a security plugin such as WordFence and here is a WordPress Install Package + Securing sell on Fiverr.

21. Install WordPress Theme Demo

Many people pay for premium WordPress templates but they are disappointed to realize that they are nothing like the demonstration after install. Generally these people do not realize that most premium themes come with a demo.xml that you can import to test in advance with the WordPress import tool. If you can do that, it's an easy gig.


22. Books Comments

A book with 0 comment on the Internet (Amazon and co) is a book that is not selling ... Critics of Kindle books on Fiverr are suddenly booming right now. Be sure to offer a guaranteed comment (comment you actually buy their book and then you see it). Use your extra gigs to allow the buyer to cover the cost of his book for you if it is not available free. Or ask them to send you the book!

23. Comments Listing / Directory

Many companies have ads on sites like TripAdvisor, Google Places, Agoda, Foursquare, etc ... But without feedback, these ads have little value and some boxes are willing to pay for you to go on leave. Easy. (I do not endorse the false comments, but we talk about Gig easy, this is one).

24. Writing and Presentation of a Press Release

Search in Google "press release template" and use it for this kind of gig. You can also submit the press release to the buyer as an extra gig or gig apart.

25. Comments on Applications

The comments on applications are also booming on Fiverr, especially for Android App. If you have an iPhone but not Android, I recommend you download the BlueStacks Android emulator for Android applications to leave comments.

26. Edit Articles

If you have the patience to read and edit the work of people, you can use advanced editing software like to change Grammarly 1000 words in 10 minutes. Otherwise, if you are just very good at grammar, it is an exercise relatively easy and highly sought after by those who have a little more trouble with that.

27. Write / Spinning articles

This is especially asked by bloggers stuck for inspiration or looking to increase enrollments in their directories for SEO. You can choose to write articles from scratch (100 words for $ 5) or the spinner with software like WordAI (500 words for $ 5).

Spinning is Important to find an article on a site like EzineArticles.com related to the niche that your buyer wants and then using software like WordAI to rewrite the article in different ways, with synonyms and similar phrases, all without be accused of plagiarism by the original author.

28. Write meta descriptions / titles of articles or Email / Slogan

If you are good at copywriting, here's a good idea to Gig quick to execute.

29. Resume Critique

Everyone knows that updating his resume can be hell. No need to be an expert today, download the best resume templates (easily found on specialized sites) and use what you have learned to criticize CV 1 or 2 for $ 5. If you slog in HR, this gig is more suitable.

30. Write the "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy"

This is personally something I hate to do (write these pages). But with the existing sites on the net, it becomes easy to refine this type of item sought by those who launch their website and do not know where to start.

31. Write a page "About Us"

Same as the previous pages, the "About Us" is a must for any company that has its website. Record a few good templates and reuse them to write your gigs.

32. Transcribe audio / video

Transcribe 30 seconds of audio for $ 5. It's really a great gig that can bring a lot, especially if you type fast!

33. Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns

The Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns are fashionable. But to stand out, or to get started with little visibility, some do not hesitate to boost their campaign contributions from buy and comments. Offer to contribute up to $ 1 or 2, comment and share the URL all for $ 5.

34. Write a CV or Cover Letter

Ask your buyer what type of job they are applying, and retrieve an old resume to write the perfect CV and motivation letter.

35. Article Submission

Submit articles to high PR sites, directories and blogs. If you create your network upstream, it's an easy gig to renew.

36. Translation Services

If you are a bilingual (whatever the language!) You'll have requests. You can even use a free translator and correct translation for it to be correct. I recommend 50 words for $ 5.

37. Comments on Blogs / Videos / Social Networks

Leave comments on people's blogs, YouTube videos or even Instagram pictures. Works better if you use multiple accounts and using proxies to avoid being detected as a spammer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

38. Niche Finder

Help webmasters to select a good niche by providing them with information on the average CPC for a keyword, competition in it, etc ... I use Long Tail Pro personally for solid analysis. But anything is possible with free Google Keyword Planner. Just a little longer.

39. Backlinks

(I do not endorse Gig, I have often said, for me the only TRUE SEO is the content but ...). You will always have buyers hoping ranker faster with links in bulk. Buy packages $ 1 links on a site like SEOClerks and resell them for $ 5.

40. Keyword Analysis

Use a keyword analysis tool as Long Tail Pro (or Keyword Planner) to create Excel reports catching up to your buyers. Similar to the search niche, but more focused if the buyer already has its keywords in mind.

41. Domain Search

Looking for available domains for a company or brand. Who.Is is a simple and free tool Long Tail Pro offers look for areas with exact keywords included (with or without hyphen) and otherwise a ride on OVH or Bluehost, you can quickly test multiple ideas and whether domain names are available or not.

42. Propose to the Lists of companies

Many local small businesses are not present on the Yellow Pages or Google Places. Do it for them for $ 5.

43. Send Traffic

Same as SEO, some are willing to pay for the "fake" traffic. Well give them what they want! Find traffic generation services at $ 1 on SEOClerks and return them to $ 5 on Fiverr.

Social networks

44. Twitter Followers

Twitter followers are looking for one thing: get more followers, whether real or not is a matter of "image". A bit like playing that will have the biggest, if you see what I mean. Same as the links, try SEOClerks buy $ 1 and resell for $ 5.

45. Followers Vine / Revines

Idem but for the new social site video fashionable. Buy & sell packs Followers Vine and Revines (the Vine retweet).

46. ​​Create a Facebook Fan Page / Page For Business

You'd be surprised how many business owners who do not know how to create a Facebook page for their own business. To you to help!

47. "Like" Facebook

Same as Twitter and Vine, buy packs of fans or Like and resell them.

48. Views / "Like" / Subscribers on YouTube

The same for Youtube. Yes, they are all identical, but you'll need a Gig per service to be visible and easy to identify.

49. "likes" on Instagram / Followers

Buy & sell packs of followers and mentions I like to Instagram.

50. Tweet a message to your Followers

IF you have an interesting number of followers (beyond 1000 it gets good), selling a tweet. For $ 5, post the tweet of his choice of the buyer.

51. Followers on Pinterest / Repins

Retrace SEOClerks to buy packs of Followers and Repins to sell at good prices.

52. Social Signals

Buy "Sharing" packs Facebook or "+1" Google+ and return them.

53. Share a link on all your network

If you do not have enough fan, or Followers, sell a complete package and offer buyers to get a post from you on ALL your social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, etc ...). This increases your reach and become more attractive to buyers.

54. Manage Social Networks

Create a gig where you can manage the social media strategy of a company for a day. If you are a community manager, it can be an opening toward a future full-time job.

55. Setting Social Networks Create a YouTube Channel

Better yet, offer buyers to take over the creation of their page on all major platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest ... Simply create the account, please access and voila. You can offer extra Gig Gig separated or manage these accounts for them.

56. Create And Sell Accounts

Yes it is ... Businesses (not necessarily honest) pay to manage networks of fake Twitter accounts, Facebook, etc ... They are ready to spend a few euros for you to do the job for them: opening and verification of account adding a profile, etc ...


57. Whiteboard Animation

It's very easy to make and great demand. Go to a site like Sparkol, sign up for a test and learn to use the software in minutes. Then sell your entertainment. $ 5 for 10 seconds.

58. Testimonials Video / Spokesperson / Comment

One of the most requested on Fiverr Gigs! Take your camera (a smartphone in a well lit room can suffice) and shoot you for 30 seconds repeating the script provided by your buyer. Do pay extra Gig adding a logo, a background, a special outfit, etc ...

59. Videos Reviews 5 -minutes

Instead of writing a review on something like a website, product or application, why not make sound way? It is much more personal and much appreciated.

60. Edit Video / Add Music or Graphics

If you have Windows Movie Maker, you can do simple video editing for $ 5. Adding a music, a watermark, etc. You can also use paid software such as Camtasia for more options.

61. Convert Audio Files / Video to Other Formats

Same as document conversion, many people feel lost when converting their file to make it compatible with their video player, iTunes, etc ... Do it for them!

62. Testimonials

Ask your buyer to send you the product he markets (physical or virtual) and shoot you trying to use it and testify (its superb quality in general).


63. Advertising Logo On Body / Main / Car / Etc ...

Fiverr love this stuff and there is a demand for it if you have enough imagination. Whichever way, the goal is to be the most creative. People are willing to pay to see you draw their logo on your stomach, your face, your legs and so on ...

64. Sing Happy Birthday

You certainly do not need to be a good singer to give it. Some sell more with a pot of votes as the best singers! If you get creative and possibly you are OK to put on a suit, your success is guaranteed.

65. Use Animal Videos / Photos

If you have a pet, offer buyers to shoot you or take a picture with your pet and logo, or testify about their products for pet.

66. Take a picture of you with a message / Logo

Not also requested that the Gig same video, but it can happen. Faster to do.

67. Help to Find Company Names / Slogans

If you consider yourself a creative person, you could help a lot of people in need of it on Fiverr. Offer 20 companies or slogans names ideas for $ 5.

68. Write the name of a brand with Food

No, playing with food is not good. But still some are willing to pay to see their name or mark written in rice grains, dried beans, alphabet pasta, etc ...

69. Off Voice

You do not need to be a professional to do this, just know articulate. You could offer 30 second voice for $ 5.

Virtual Assistant

70. Teach Lessons / Language

If you are bilingual or know other languages ​​than English, you can offer short lessons on Fiverr for $ 5 via Skype. It's easy for this kind of gig to add many more expensive extra and recruit regular clients.

71. Make Research

There are many users who come on Fiverr looking to outsource research work before writing a book or develop a project. If you are comfortable with Google that should not be difficult for you. You can ask $ 5 for 30 minutes of research. Of course the goal is to spend less time than that with your skills and speed of action!

72. Computer Repair Distance / Cleaning Service

You can use software like TeamViewer or LogMeIn for remote access to the computer of a buyer and help repair small problems. For cleaning, install it the CCleaner software and voila.

73. Leave Tips

What do you do for a living, or what is your passion? You do not necessarily need to be an expert in anything to sell some tips for $ 5. Whatever your field, offer a "consultation" of 10 or 15 min Skype and answer the questions your buyer. Interesting to sell more complex formations thereafter.

74. Testing / Quality Doing controls For Applications / Software

Many developers need users to test their applications and software to find bugs and provide feedback. So they are willing to pay for it. (I plan just to use this service for the QC of LaunchFeed).

75. Search Keywords Amazon / Niches For Writers on Kindle

Many authors of books on Kindle, many of which use Fiverr, kill for this kind of information. Kindle Samurai a very good software for it. It allows you to search easily for a niche or keyword and then export to an Excel file all the information needed by your buyer. 5 min job for $ 5.

76. Remote Virus / Remove Malware / Virtual

Same repair remotely, you can help users overwhelmed by the appearance of a virus on their computer to get rid of. Use LogMeIn or TeamViewer and download MalwareBytes (effective against the majority of threats). Otherwise, a quick Google search should help you identify the software to be installed to remove the virus that annoys so your buyer.

77. Submit Deals Free Ebooks

Many authors on Kindle tend to start with a free eBook, time to get some positive feedback (preferably) before making charges. To boost downloads, they can submit their free eBook to sites listing the promotions on this type of product. The task is a little tedious, they are often willing to pay to the subcontract.

78. Place an Ad on Craigslist / Gumtree / eBay / Leboncoin ...

Yes, people pay for that, and it is requested that one may think. This is a free way for many companies to promote their products or services. But like anything else, it takes a little time and are willing to pay for not having to do it themselves.

Downloads / Digital Products

In this section I will share ideas for downloadable products highly demanded on Fiverr. easy and ultra fast, simply submit the download link to each new buyer.

79. Royalty Free Items

Download or buy Royalty Free items and resell them on Fiverr. You will need to sell in large quantities to interested buyers but it is a very Gig asked.

80. Write Your Own Books

You've probably never thought to use Fiverr to sell your book, though? If Kindle and Amazon are beautiful platforms, Fiverr is an interesting option to sell consulting eBook short, recipes, etc ...

81. Software

Search and selling software Royalty Free or why not yours.

82. Lists of Proxies

There are tons of free proxies on the internet that you can sell on Fiverr for $ 5. Create a list and sell there.

83. Exercise Programs

If you exercise and have the body to prove it, this is a great way to make money on Fiverr. Create or find exercise plans to teach others how to take or lose weight, muscle, etc ... and sell your guide.

84. Royalty Free Books

It's the same idea as to articles, download free books or purchase rights and sell them and sell them. The only difference is that you will not need to sell 10,000 of a sudden to be attractive (compared to products).

85. Graphics Set

If you are a web designer, you can put together a set of templates and logos that buyers can get for $ 5. You can also search the internet for models of packages or free logos rights and sell them on Fiverr.

86. Powerpoint Templates

If you are good with PowerPoint, it sells very well because it is cheaper to buy powerpoint templates on Fiverr that anywhere else.

87. Plans

There are many ways to create an online meal plan. Ask your customers what they want caloric intake, the number of meals per day, the type of food they like and create their tailor meals list. Several sites offer to do this for free or at low cost. If you are a dietician is also an easy gig.

88. Business and Marketing Plan for Specific Niches

If you are good in business writing and marketing plan, create in some specific niches and sell them. You can also create on-demand and include extra Gig of further and more customized analysis.

89. Sell Email Lists

If you have email lists and do not know what to do, some are willing to buy on Fiverr. (Another Gig that I do not endorse, I have enough spam in my inbox, but again, it sells ...).

90. Guides Maintenance / Repair Manuals

You can find information about how to repair (or clean) frequently damaged components such as an iPhone or a Play Station and sell it on Fiverr for $ 5.

91. CV / Cover Letter

If you do not feel to the board, or retouch motivation of CVs and letters of others (34 Gig), simply sell your best models!

92. Recipes

Easy to create a beautiful eBook revenue still interested. Try to differentiate yourself by offering special recipes: gluten, dairy, halal, vegetarian, etc ...

93. Sites Lists

Create a list of websites / resources for specific niches and sell it on Fiverr. For example 100 sites know when you start the box, 100 social networks to share updates, etc ... This is the kind of resources that easily sells because everyone wants to know what are the 100 things to do or see to succeed in a particular area.

94. Tutorials

Write a tutorial, such as how to create a WordPress site or how to start publishing on Kindle and sell it on Fiverr. All short tutorial, as it is informative and it teaches anything can be sold on Fiverr, especially if the information on the subject are hard to find on the Internet.

95. Photo Albums

Create a beautiful photo file (you) or free of rights and sell them. Highly sought after by illustrators, and quite expensive when we want a nice picture from a paid site.


96. Send Postcards

If you live outside the United States, this gig does have a lot of potential because Americans are fans. This is a new trend on Fiverr and it sells well. Offer to send someone a postcard from your location / country and let it pay for shipping when you create the gig.

97. Messages on the Facebook Wall 

This is going to sound weird, but it is the wind ... If you create a fake Facebook profile of a pretty woman, on Fiverr users are willing to pay to be "connected" with you, you can view their status in a pretty young lady, and receive some public messages that their wall. Sell ​​your "love" for 1 or 2 weeks!

98. Create / Convert the PDF Format

Gigs one of the simplest in the world. Yet how many people out there have ever been blocked facing a problem of export PDF? The most common problem is not conversion clickable links. Well set this concern by using a site like Conv2PDF example.

99. Provide space on DropBox in you Signing up

Everyone now uses DropBox but few people are willing to pay for more space. DropBox increases your free storage every time you talk to someone and bring the service to register through your referral link. If you know how to use a VPN or a proxy or you can sell space by providing your buyers to sign up via their referral link so they receive bonuses.

100. Site Review

Criticize a website does not mean the bashing. But rather to share your experience to help its owner to improve its design, legibility, navigation, etc ... Try to stand out, a trend is critical video for example.

Found Ideas For Fiverr Gigs that interests you? Share your experiences in the comments!

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