How To Make Money With Google Adsense

How To Make Money With Google Adsense

How to Make Money with Google Adsense?

Indeed it is possible to Generate Revenues with the Google AdSense program.

How Much Can we Earn?

It depends on the effort you Made. Some are earning thousands of dollars a month. Others only earn some dollars,

Revenues from the Google AdSense program also depends on five key factors:

- Optimizing your pages
- The number of visitors on your site
- The location of your ads
- The Ad Formats
- The subject of your site

Optimizing your pages

This step is to write Content in which you must use relevant keywords. Experts advise the use of AdSense twenty keywords per topics to allow AdSense to display appropriate ads on each of your content pages.

Several Internet tools also allow you to help you select the right keywords.

This is the case of Google, which offers a tool allowing you to analyze and audition your keywords. More search volume of a keyword, the more chances you have not only to be better paid, but users also can find you more easily and you will have ads that are relevant to your content.

The number of visitors on your site

Traffic to your website greatly contributes to generate revenue with Google AdSense. The more visitors that will see your ads, the more you increase your clicks. Consider increasing the number of visitors to your pages using the power of blogs, social media communities, discussion forums, classified ads, as well as by exchange of content. You do not have to invest in paid advertising. The time factor will bring more visitors to your site.

The location of your ads

Place your ads in a place where people tend to look often. Usually you can place them at the top of a page or after a paragraph or below a title in bold. If you have a navigation menu normally located on your left, you can also insert your advertising below the navigation menu and that normally works fine.

The Ad Formats

Usually most ad formats are likely to generate good income, but it is strongly advised to use the skyscraper-type formats of 120x600, and 160x600, which are highly effective under a navigation menu, or some link units may also be Utilised.

Three factors that have a direct influence on your AdSense earnings.

1- The keyword selection.

Adsense program listings come from advertising program Google called AdWords. In this program, advertisers pay for each visitor that Google sending them, and the price of the visitor is determined by an auction principle: he who is the highest paid in the list the most expensive. So the more competition between advertisers, the higher the price per click increases. So the more the advertiser pays expensive, the more you make money! Advertisers target their ads based on a choice of keywords. So you have to find these keywords for which advertisers pay dearly you can increase your AdSense Revenue.

2- The Amount of traffic on your site.

Think about it, if you have chosen the best keywords, highest paying, but you only have 5 visitors a day to your site, you will never make a fortune! As a percentage of your visitors click on your Adsense ads, increasing the number of visitors will increase your Adsense income. To do so, you can publish articles on content sharing sites, you can add a link to your website in your signature on forums, You can buy advertising, or even add your site in directories.

3- Optimizing your ads.

Google allows you to dramatically change the look of the Adsense ads, and the location and format.
For the look, you can change the color of ads and this has an impact on the click rate.

Here's how :

  • The background color of your Adsense ads should be the same color as your page background.
  • The edge of your ads will also be the same color as your background web page.
  • The ad text must be the same size (as possible) and the same color as the text of your web pages.
  • The title of the ad, the same color as the links to your pages.
  • The url of the ad should be the color that is closest the color of your page background.
WARNING: It is forbidden to put the color of links (url) identical to the background of your page. "Links will still be visible"

You have to be registered to google to access AdSense : Google Adsense
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