How to increase traffic with YouTube

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Increase Traffic With Youtube

        Increase your traffic to your blog or website will be your main goal, coupled with monetization. Traffic + Conversions = Sales. Youtube can be a great source of traffic, if you know how to use the video. You have a website or blog? Here are some advice to increase traffic with Youtube.

Youtube, a great tool to increase its traffic

On the internet today, the videos have assumed an increasingly important. The famous YouTube video sharing platform, will enable you to dramatically increase traffic to your site. For this, it's easy with a few clicks (! Finally a few clicks and a lot of work behind), thanks to my wonderful recommendations, you can multiply your number of monthly visitors:

1 - Create a YouTube account :

(Well we have to start somewhere!) Choose as the user name the name of your blog, your company, your motto ... and it will be present in the URL of your video, and this will allow easy storage .

2 - Post videos "interesting" :

A tutorial, presentation of your products or your expertise, a funny video ... Avoid long boring videos, choose the short format (1 to 2 minutes vicinity) unless more technical tutorial. Your videos must be pretty creative, interesting, unique to tempt users to share them. Also treat the title and tags for the internal search engine.

3 - Create the buzz :

Post the link to your video on the maximum sites (Social Networking, Blogs) as well as signature in forums or in your emails, in order to drive traffic to the video, and therefore your website. If your video is seen many times in a short time, it will have priority in the internal search engine, and similar results on Youtube. So the more you will make you see, the more you saw, and you will create the buzz. A good buzz is virally. Here, only your creativity can help ensure that your video to be shared. Increase traffic with YouTube, using buzz marketing can bring you a large flow of visitors, work your creativity to master all aspects of buzz.

4 - Create a string :

If you wish to post many videos, create a channel specifically dedicated to it. A bit like a mini-web Tv. By changing your information, background, to reinforce your identity and send a more professional image.

5 - Save your traffic :

Some people can take your video to their own channel, simply because they have clearly gets off. This can benefit you, and for that, put the name of your site at the bottom of it from beginning to end. Or, with a little pub or entertainment, at the beginning or end of the video. So if your video is resumed, it will contribute to your popularity.

6 - Invite your visitors to visit you! :

Same as above, to increase its traffic with Youtube, it is necessary that the user takes action after a video, and click on your link. Insert a few seconds at the end of your video's his address, accompanied by can be a outro / intro. Also put the link in your description, first, so that users can access it directly by a clique.

7 - Emphasize quality :

To attract quality traffic, you must provide a quality video on YouTube: A good resolution, notes, music, comments can be subtitles, will attract the attention of Internet users, and will generate interest

Remember that the first few seconds of your video are paramount, it is those who will convince users to continue watching.

YouTube now almost generates more traffic than the major search engines, it would be a shame to deprive yourself. Especially when the "Registration" on Youtube, is easier than referencing the various search engines.

Increase traffic with Youtube, provides a source of additional input for its site, not to be overlooked. Especially if you have a Web-TV. On the other hand, Youtube can strengthen your expert image through quality videos.


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