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Spam is a scourge nowadays, either at our mail or comments on WordPress.

If you just start a blog, maybe you have not been subject to spammers viagra sellers and other similar products, but be assured, it will not tarry.

In the fight against spam, there is a formidable plugin, NoSpamNX.

By default, WordPress comes with Askimet. If it remains effective, it unfortunately leaves a few spams that can be found in the comments awaiting moderation or in the side. It also happens to consider some "good" comment spam.

For example, on one of my blogs where I collected fifteen spams a week minimum with Askimet with NoSpamNX I have one month to break everything.

Installing The Plugin NoSpamNX

You can download from the official website NoSpamNX or install it from your dedicated space in your administration panel. Search with the term "NoSpamNX."

NoSpamNX plugin

Configuration Plugin NoSpamNX

To configure the NoSpamNX plugin, imagine that you have nothing to do.

Be aware that NoSpamNX offers an interesting additional option, you can blacklist you even an address.

I let you form your own opinion, but personally I am very satisfied.

Do not hesitate, if you already use to give us your impressions of this formidable anti-spam plugin.

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