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We have recently seen How to Optimize Your Content for Sharing On Social Networks. See today how to invite visitors to share content by integrating sharing buttons on a WordPress blog.

For this, we will use the Digg Digg plugin.

Why this one? Just by its ease of installation and its many options.

Before introducing the plugin Digg Digg, return to this notion of sharing buttons to social networks.

These buttons now appear inevitable on a blog. More your item will be shared, the more it will bring you visitors.

When creating a blog, it is very important to integrate these sharing buttons on a WordPress blog from the start.

Integrate Share Buttons On A Blog With Wordpress Plugin Digg Digg

For some years I could test several plugins sharing and lately, looking to easily integrate a floating bar, I discovered Digg Digg.

The plugin Digg is an extension created by the Buffer team.

Installing Digg Digg

You can download the plugin from or you can from your personal space dedicated to extensions, do a search with the terms "digg digg". The first result is the right plugin.

Search Digg Digg

Configuring Digg Digg

Once installed and activated, you should find in the left sidebar of your administration page a link Digg Digg.

Global Config

In Global Config, you set the various sharing options.

First, you will learn in the "Facebook Like Configuration" English. For this indicate "en_US" as in the screenshot below.

Remember to link the image of your article sharing. You can also set a default image.

facebook digg digg

For other settings, there will be nothing complicated, you simply enter your user names, including largely that of Twitter for mentions.

@ Do not put in the field.

twitter digg digg

Normal Display

In this menu, you set the "classic" view of your sharing buttons. You will be able to integrate before or after the content, horizontally or vertically.

You will also choose here the social networks where you want to display a button.

Obviously, you do not have to activate this display if a floating toolbar simply. For this purpose in uncheck in the Statute.

normal display digg digg

Floating Display

Floating display is the configuration menu on your side floating bar.

The latter, as its name suggests, will always be visible during playback of your article history to remind your visitors that it may at any time to share it.

Like the previous menu, you will be able or not to activate this bar, set the display and select the social network of your choice.

floating display digg digg

The last menu, "Manual placement" will allow you to view your sharing buttons to social networks exactly where you want.

Digg provides you the codes to include in the single.php file.

I think I have gone around this plugin, such as trafficking in social networks, I remind you that you can follow the blog on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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