How to Optimize Your Content for Sharing On Social Networks

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Share the content of your blog on social networks is a must for a blogger, so the latter are rooted in the daily life of most people. Thus, all the articles of your blog need to be shared on many of these networks. So we'll see how to optimize the sharing of your articles.

However, sharing will not happen the same way whether you're on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

According to the social network on which you publish, the population will not be the same. We must therefore optimize the sharing of your items according to the social network to encourage the interaction of your interlocutors.

Also to help you maximize the sharing of your publications to these three social networks, here are some points to respect that encourage retweets, and like one another.


share facebook

On Facebook, the community is the most important, yet it is less focused on Google+ or Twitter. Found all types of user profiles. But concretely, Facebook is primarily used to follow the lives of your friends, the activity of a brand and / or playing.

Each user with a large number of friends, your publication is embedded in a dense news feed in which it will be able to stand out.

Also to optimize the sharing and the impact of your publications, some points will be taken into account.

  • A catchy picture: When sharing your article on Facebook, the image associated with the item will be inserted. Inevitably this has to attract the reader's eye, so take care to choose it.
  • A short message: For each of your publications, try to supplement it with a small short status. Try to be original or funny. Throw in a smiley, it seems to favor the likes 😀
  • A personal message: Speak directly to your customer. For this tutoyez it or express yourself in the first person.
  • A call to action: For the fans of your page or share "like" your post, why not just ask them?
  • Question: A status as a question will encourage your fans to leave a comment to answer.
These five points are in love with each other. I encourage you to experiment. A turn of phrase might be more catchy than another.


share google+

Google+ has the distinction of being among the most important social networks, one with a majority of men. It is also a social network very used to the day before by his principle of circles.

Like Facebook, several points must be observed to optimize your shares on the social network Google:
  • Sharing for the public: Your articles should be readable by all, also promote for the public shares and not limiting to some of your circles. This seems obvious, but I prefer clear.
  • A hashtag: The search function works very well on Google+. Also feel free to add more words as a hashtag in your publications.
  • A text accompanying your publication: To bring out your publication, assign a text (the equivalent status) to it. If relevant, it will encourage your reader to read your article and so why not share it later.
  • Careful layout: On Google+ you can change the formatting of your text. Do not hesitate to bold the important elements or the title of your publication for example.
Be aware that the publication on Google+ is also very important for SEO of your blog.


share twitter

Twitter has the feature to restrict them to 140 characters publications. So you have a few words find interest among your followers.

Also to maximize the impact of your tweets, some points will be taken into account.
  • Post tweets from 70 to 100 characters only: This will conserve space so your followers retweet you and do not exceed the 140 characters allowed
  •   Tweeter links: 21.4% of RT contain a link.
  • Use hashtags: Many people search on specific keywords.
  • Do not hesitate to ask that we retweet you: 51% of tweets containing "Please Retweet" and 39% are those containing "Please RT" are retweeted. However, no tweets about the two statements, only 12% are retweeted.
  • Tweeter between noon and 14h: to foster the number RT because it is after 14h which is the highest number of RT.

Again, if these five points are important, do tests to find the most efficient way to tweet your articles.

It is possible to automate the sharing of your articles on social networks with tools like Hootsuite.

Do not overlook these shares especially when you create your blog. Social networks will be one of your greatest sources of traffic.

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