How to create profitable Adwords campaigns, from A to Z

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create profitable Adwords campaigns

          Increase sales, acquire new customers and visitors to your site, anyone? This article will explain how to create profitable Adwords campaigns, from A to Z, to give a boost to your business. You've used Adwords to sell your products or generate lists, but you will have lost your shirt? What you did not know this tool, you knew evil, or that you simply want to increase your conversion rate and your sales, I will explain how to create Adwords campaigns can be VERY PROFITABLE for your business on the internet and how to do even if you know nothing! First, a short description of the tool:

AdWords in French means "advertising / words" which could be defined as: Advertising by words. Adwords are sponsored links that are appearing on the Google search engine, and sites displaying Adsense ads. Indeed, the Adwords program will use the information as user queries, and display banner ads that match that search. In what way? Simply by combining the keywords that the user will type with the keywords you've chosen in your campaign. I go into detail a little lower because many choose their keywords is one of the important assets to create profitable Adwords campaigns that last.

The purpose of your Adwords advertising campaigns

          Before defining all the steps to initiate a perfect optimization of the desired advertising campaigns, especially creating profitable Adwords campaigns, in a nutshell, the strategy to complete your action:

Your goal is to disseminate advertising campaigns to promote your products online, and thus attract a significant number of potential customers, giving them the desire and means to click on your ad. It will then appear when the user goes to search for a specific product or specific information. You, advertisers, you drop ads, commercial links, which will bring you targeted traffic, depending on the query typed on the search engine, whether by keywords or by a subject. More ads are targeted based on typed keyword, and your visitors will also be targeted, and you will make sales. Create profitable Adwords campaigns starts with optimizing your ads, and the definition of your keywords. So your goal: Create highly targeted ads for each keyword.

The steps to create profitable Adwords campaigns

1 - Choosing keywords :

          So you understand that choose its list of keywords is essential to carry out an Adwords campaign. This is truly the heart of your campaign, I recommend you to spend more days, and instead of just the list automatically proposed by Adwords, I recommend you to choose one by one. Before I explain how to find keywords, here are the essential criteria to be taken into account to create profitable Adwords campaigns, when you set your keywords:

- Very specific keywords and very specific, rather than general keywords. For example instead of "video games", buy the keyword "buy wii video games." These words will cost you much cheaper, competition is less violent, then the visits will be more focused! So a better conversion rate, and profitability. These are generally expressions of two words minimum, which will be typed less often by users but which will be targeted to your business or products you offer. They may, perhaps, to be weaker in volume of clicks but as they are more focused, you will not pay for nothing. Choosing general keywords may be one factor that will make your Adwords campaign will not be profitable.

- Wide keywords, [exact] and "expression". You are a blogger, and you sell online tennis training. Here, you will appear on targeted research, not to attract those who wish to train physically. So buy some exact phrases like "online Tennis Training" (not to appear on "Tennis Training offline" for example). Personally, I recommend you buy 90% of your keywords in expression, or right, to keep control over the keywords typed by users. And for broad applications to exclude negative keywords. With Google Analytics, you can analyze what keywords users have found you, and thus gradually exclude negative keywords if necessary. Here are your possibilities of choice of keywords:

Normal: You buy "hairdresser paris", you appear for "paris barber", "Hairdresser on paris", "Worst paris hairdressers", "a street barber Saint Michel in Paris"
Expression: You buy "paris barber," and you appear for queries "paris barber", "I want a barber paris", "barber cheap paris" ... for expressions that contain your keywords as you wrote it, anywhere in the sentence.
Exact: You buy [hairdresser paris], you appear only for "paris hairdresser."

- Remember to exclude certain keywords. If you buy the keyword "wedding room", you may be thinking to exclude words you do not want to be associated with. If you are not the pinnacle, you will appear on "The worst wedding salons", "bridal salon rotten in Lyon." In this case, you just have to exclude "worse", "worse" and "rotten".

- Buy brand names, if you have permission. Buy brands without being the owner or having rights is illegal. But if you have an online store, you sell Iphones, Apple and you give the rights to use its brand, you can buy different versions: "buy iphone", "buy iphone online", "buy iphone on the Internet "

- Buy misspellings, to reduce the cost of your keywords, buy low competitive keywords with misspellings. "Coifeur paris" for example.

So in summary, to create profitable Adwords campaigns, you need to have targeted keywords to increase your chances of selling, or action. By cons, those keywords are less popular, you will create a list of many keywords to increase the number of occurrences and potential clicks. If this list is 100 or 200 keywords, that's better!

To create profitable Adwords campaigns, it is essential to spend time on it. Otherwise, you risk paying for keywords that do not interest you. How to choose the famous key words, the easiest way is to start with an example for better understanding:

Take the word "accommodation", knowing that you are a hotel in Paris: lodging, accommodations, accommodation, hebregement, (indeed, it lacks a focus on the first two, he plurals, and fault). With these small additions or omissions, this may allow you to double your clicks. Then you can also expand the search for synonyms without forgetting plurals and faults (housing, refuge, haven, home, shelter, hospitality, cottage, guest house etc.).
Search engines make a difference between the singular and the plural, accented words without accents, and do not hesitate to search for all variations of your keywords.
From there, imagine targeted queries: Accommodation Paris, Paris Refuge, Bed and Breakfasts Paris, etc. and choose your negative keywords "worse", "worse", "luxury", etc.

You are short of ideas to choose your keywords? No worries, Adwords has a tool that will give you automatically keyword tools, giving you information about the volume of searches, competition, cost estimation, etc. This is Google Keyword Tool.
To choose your keywords, feel free also to type on Google, and analyze securities, the tag "keyword" sites that appear, and descriptions, to find keyword ideas.

keyword example

2 - Ad Groups :

          To create profitable Adwords campaigns, it is imperative to work consequently on ad groups, which will have the advantage of saving time thereafter, and target your ads. The two basic elements of the ad groups are the keywords and ads. Therefore choose a similar thematic or semantic field for your ads so that they are relevant to the keywords. It is important to create more ad groups in one campaign, to determine the content and titles.

Using the example above, if you want to promote your paris hotel, you must create an ad group for the theme "hotel", the theme of "B & B", etc. But also "cheap hotel", "paris hotel". For someone looking for a hotel in Paris, will not necessarily want to fall on a B & B, and vice versa. You will need to adapt your communication, for each of these searches.
Therefore write several types of ads based on keywords combinations, which means that if you have 10 themes, you will have to create 10 ad groups.

But that's not all! Indeed, if you want your clicks turn into sales, you really show users exactly what they typed. Therefore, it is essential to create an ad group for each keyword, which will then allow you to assign more ads and more keywords. For example in the case of the keyword "Cheap hotel in Paris", you open him an ad group of its own, and several key words: "Hotel in Paris", "Hotel in Paris", etc. . And on the contrary, to organize your theme, for "campaigns". For example the campaign "hotel" and the campaign "guest house"

The goal is to increase the performance of your campaigns and targeted clicks.

3 - Ads :

         So once you have all your keywords, sorted by topic, you will know exactly how many ad groups you are going to create. And for each ad group, you must create multiple ads. To create an ad, you must define:

- A strong headline including the keywords typed by the user. It's simple, automatic insert tag: {KeyWord: Alternative text}. It is important to specify alternative text, in case the user's query is too long. For example, "{KeyWord: Hotel In Paris}"

Caps every word, to increase the visibility of the advertisement.
- Include keywords several times, it can on all lines, and URL. This also increases the "score" your ads and improve your position in the engines.


Hotel in Paris.
Looking for a hotel in Paris?
Book your hotel room in Paris.

http: //www.belhoteldeparis/hotel-a-paris

We must also change the text and title of your ads to see which approach works best. Then once you've done these tests, keeping only the ads that deliver the most clicks.

In summary, it is necessary to create ad groups for each keyword, incorporating several variations of ads, with the most appropriate keywords, the negative keywords ... to target a broad customer base, and accurate . During optimization, it will be necessary to refine your campaigns to eliminate keywords that do not work, ads that do not work, and this operation will reduce the CPC (cost per click) the best keywords. This method will allow you to create profitable Adwords campaigns over the long term, most of the work is done at the beginning, then it is only a matter of optimization.

4 - Targeting :

         When you pay for your campaigns, it is important to target who you go to show your ads. So you must first, be familiar with who your customer. And specify the items as:

- Countries
- The languages
- Sites that you want or do not want to appear
- Device Types
- The price you want to pay (You are competing with others, so start low and go up gradually to increase your appearances)

The more you know who your client, and you'll know where to display your ads.

5 - The landing page: A keyword = A landing page :

        The landing page is the landing page on which the user will land after clicking on your ads.
In fact, if your ad is "Cheap hotel in Paris," and that your landing pages its "Host room in Paris", you may lose customers because of the lack of targeting. In fact, you should include your keywords, such as "cheap" and "Hotel". First because it will increase the score of your ads (and therefore your position), then secondly, because this will convince your visitors to more easily pass purchase.

In fact, if you have created an ad group with the right keywords, the relevance of your landing page will be even more effective if you took care of him integrate a keyword used by Internet users, or even a keyword leader. So this relevance will be rewarded by its quality. The higher the quality, the higher your CPC (cost per click) will decrease.

Keyword = A landing page

If you run an Adwords campaign on a large number of keywords, it will be difficult to establish and operate as many landing page. Create one for your most important keywords or ad groups. Then you can help the Google Website Optimizer tool to easily integrate your various keywords, instead of creating a hundred landing page. Of course, the ideal is that each ad, pointing to his own landing page.

In summary, the main points for an optimal landing page:

- The text of your ad, if applicable your keywords should be included in the title of your landing page.
- If your landing page has a product to sell, so the user can control and your choice turns to you, all the information should appear on your landing page. (Legal, customer benefits, offer details)
- The information must be legible, do not overload text and a "call to action" very clear. Also avoid links to another page, the purpose of an Adwords campaign is to take action, not distract your visitors.
- If the user still in doubt, add what is called a "safety net" that is to say, a phone number, contact a way so that it can keep them in case he decides to go to your page, do not buy right away.

Now you know all the important points to create profitable Adwords campaigns, from A to Z

Now, I will address some additional points to optimize your campaigns along the way, reduce the cost of your clicks, increase your CTR and conversion rate.

How to optimize your Adwords campaigns?

The cost per click (CPC)

        As an advertiser who wants to create profitable Adwords campaigns, you'll pay each time someone clicks on your ad. As for the profitability, it must first spend. (This can also be cost-per-impression, but I do not recommend it as unprofitable, except for major brands that wish to be visible). The cost per click (CPC), may vary with the level of quality of keywords, and competition among advertisers.

To lower your cost per click, you must:

- Buying little competition keywords (Keywords of several terms, misspellings ...)
- Resume your keywords in your ads.
- Resume your keywords on your landing pages.
- Create ads that attract Internet users (So targeted)

These key factors as well as some other smaller, will increase your "quality score". You can not know it, but if you improve these points you will get to lower your overall cost per click, while improving your investment.

You will also need to consider the budget you want to allocate daily to the affected country, and I recommend you spend the budget on "all day" rather than "as soon as possible", and finally, attach great importance the register used for keywords, and ads. The higher the quality of your campaign will be targeted and carefully written, the less you pay.

Google Quality Score

The use of A / B Testing

         The goal of A / B testing is to determine to create profitable Adwords campaigns will be to know which version on your ads that will attract the largest number of Internet users, and generate the largest rate of conversions.

It is an effective and inexpensive method of offering several variants of the same advertising campaign, to assess the version that gives the best results to users, so choose the one that will have the greatest impact and the use) larger scale. In fact, make your first tests with a small budget, then invest, if and only if your campaigns are profitable.

For this, it is of course necessary to create multiple versions of your ads, disseminate and analyze information collected for each version. Ditto for your landing pages.

This method is effective because it helps guide you in your goals, and the quality of your ad groups. A simple change in presentation, font, content or even changing a grip, can have an impact on your campaigns and increase the number of clicks by users. The A / B testing so you can test your performance to create profitable Adwords campaigns also help you to Google Website Optimizer to test your landing pages.

ROI: Calculate ROI

        For each campaign, you can give Adwords, the path to purchase. Landing page, purchase page, confirmation page. Thus, you can track when your visitors are going, and know which page then you need to change.

Mistakes not to make for profitable Adwords campaigns.

- Do not think about creating specific groups of ads for each keyword, but only one campaign with all the keywords and one ad. (Big mistake, you run into bankruptcy!)

- Do not write more than two ads for all campaigns to test different variants.

- Choose a too low cost, or too high. Again, you will need to test and choose the middle ground between high CTR, and low cost. I recommend you start very low, to go up gradually.

- Copy competitors. (You will have fewer clicks, and you will attract the ire of a competitor already in place)

- Do not check the evolution of its Adwords campaign.

- Leave open a campaign that does not work, and do not try to rephrase it to give it the means to evolve.

- Do not select phrases that are three words or more and just expressions that make only one or two maximum.

- Do not exclude keywords.

- Select only broad match.

- Do not targeting (country, language)

- Do not allocate a sufficiently limited budget at the beginning and then large enough.

- Wait a few weeks to realize that campaigns do not work

- Do not make a list of keywords related to your campaigns, does not properly target your ads for Strategic Research

- Do not perform work of creation: Do not change the titles, not to include keywords in the URL, not sort your ads and do not group

- Forgetting to include keywords in your campaign description lines and URL.

- Do not test your various Adwords campaigns.

- Do not practice effective strategy at the auction (CPC)

- Do not calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your Adwords campaigns

- Do not spend enough time creating your Adwords campaigns, especially your keywords.

To create profitable Adwords campaigns, the solution is maximum optimization of your ads, and work well the heart of your campaign: your keywords. This is an essential step to ensure success for the distribution of your internet advertising campaigns. Your success will notably through criteria essential not to neglect such as creating ad groups, research the proper keywords, landing page, know the principles of the CPC operation, use and abuse the use of A / B testing, pay attention to not to make mistakes, to be original in the writing and presentation of your campaigns, all in order to attract more potential customers, and facilitated purchase.

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