Make themselves known on the internet through forums


All ways to get free traffic are worth taking. If your SEO you already gives you the possibility to have through the forums as well. In addition, often the visitors who come to your site will be more targeted. There are some rules you have to know to optimize your participation in the forums and get as many visitors as possible ...

Make themselves known through the forums?

Yes it is quite possible! For example those who spend their time making affiliation, are active over a hundred forums to publicize and advertise their products. Adding that with advertising on Adwords for example, some thus saving time for a SEO, very difficult to do if your site has only a few pages.

If you have time in the operation of your website, do not overlook this tool are the forums. You are a veterinarian, visit any pet forums, and answer for people seeking a veterinarian in your area. Very few do, and you'll probably win a customer. You have a site about dogs, same thing, participate in animal forums and you'll naturally traffic through your signature.

How to market on Forums?

Forums are basically a place to discuss, debate and socialize. Advertising is frowned upon. However, it is tolerated, if this is relevant, and that it is not a problem. Here's how:

- Do not advertise directly, unless there is a topic on the forums about it. Example: This is my website it is beautiful it is on the web marketing all come to see me !! (Not to do)

-Complete a minimum of information. Username, first name, and especially AVATAR. You will have much more credit (and you will be easily recognizable), if you took the time to put a photo or avatar. But make sure not to put the name of your site nickname, it will not please the moderators. Unless special case ...

- Answer a few messages before you put a link to your site or in your signature. Otherwise, you will be directly identified as a spammer. If you already have a little age, it will be a little more tolerance, and understand that your links are here to support information.

- Choosing your forums. Either they must be very large (1000 or more registered) or highly targeted (a forum on dogs with little member, will attract for sure visitors to your website on dogs, although there are few assets) . I have a tendency to focus 4/5 specialized forums rather than 1 large general forum. Make sure the forum is active (new posts every day). Prefer forums where you can put a signature, absolutely everything and flee Forums refuse the links in the message or signature.

- Always respond with courtesy, especially if you meet the most active members. And try not to be a source of problems or controversy. If this is the case, apologize. Insert a smiley or two without abusing it, to make your less aggressive messages. Your image and the image of your site depends on it.

- Consider using the search function, to say something like "This response was very well argued by thing at this page." Already you will enjoy "thing", and you will save writing a response.

- Respect the rules. Almost all forums have rules, follow them, and if you must go, for example, made it. This will increase the confidence of members.

- Link and only one in your signature, presented as an advertising slogan. Example: What you need to know to obey his dog. (You put a link, and you will have more visits than if you write "dogs on Website"). If you put two or more links, users will eventually go on ... do any of the two tests, change your hooks, etc.

- Remember to provide your website in your profile page, it always makes you a backlink and more, and quality if the forum is related to yours, or high traffic.

- Nurture your spelling, and arrange your answers. You will immediately attract the attention of the moderators if your spelling, syntax and readability is poor.

- Monitor the responses of your posts, and those whom you meet in order to show that you have a real interest in the conversation (Often there is the option below "following answers on this subject")

- Do not reply if you can provide an answer. Your answer should be substantiated, and add value. To gradually becoming an expert in your field. If you see that you do not know the answer, look on the internet, if you find anything relevant, do not answer.

- Do not get lost. If you are interested about fifty forum, write on your username and password file, or you go you lose. I recommend that you always choose the same, but if your username is taken on other forums, you will need to choose another one.

- Be active as much as possible. Try to be a regular on your forums. Choose well the number of forums in which you participate, I would tend to say 4 or 5. 3 or 4 very focused, and 1 or 2 generalists. You can of course be present on many more forums, but it depends on the time you want to give it.

(- A technique that was used to get backlinks once your posts are old, you can still edit and place a link to your website Well it's just to tell you about, but I do not would apply. on the major forum moderators will make it more and more aware of these practices, and it is frowned on forums)

Make themselves known on the forums, can attract targeted traffic to your website

These few tips will help attract visitors to your site regularly through forums, and more, to get backlinks. One of your profile, that of the signature, and those of your messages. WARNING: If you post a link of your site in one of your messages, make sure that it meets a problem. Example: I am looking for dog collars but I found none. Answer: On this website you will find different models. Wear gloves whenever you post your links and avoid it too often.

Keep in mind that you are on the forums to participate and not to spam. However, if you happen to exceed the limits apologize. If you do it too often, then choose a different username per forum, or you will be immediately identified as the polluter. You may also be 2 or 3 people, but really careful not to always respond to each other, and have the same IP.

How to find forums:

I suggest you first Yahoo Answers Questions, which focuses on issues such as the name suggests. No signature, but in general a very high tolerance for links. Then there are Forums Doctissimo, AuFeminin that are very visited (check that you can insert links on AuFeminin no signatures). Then choose targeted forums. To do this, type into Google: "theme" inurl: forum. Example for dogs: dogs inurl: forum.

Thank you for reading.

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