How to Search Dofollow Blogs to Create Backlinks

Search Dofollow Blogs to Create Backlinks

Comments on blogs is one of the most effective and easiest ways to create backlinks.
Your blog has lots of backlinks, but only a small portion of these links really is DoFollow. A good ranking in search engines requires Dofollow backlinks to your blog.

Today I will share with you a simple but effective method for searching blogs with Dofollow comments and create backlinks that improve your SEO.

Comments on WordPress blog are nofollow, which does not encourage other bloggers to comment.

That is why you need to find blogs in your niche that reward commentators with a dofollow link.

On one side is winning the blog because it increases the interaction and engagement on articles. and the other side wins the commentator creating a quality backlink that improves your ranking.

We'll use an extension: SEO for chrome for the Google Chrome browser or if you use Firefox, you can use the NoDoFollow extension.
Here's how to use them effectively to find Dofollow blogs.

1. How to use SEO extension for Chrome:

SEO for Chrome is an extension of the widely used by webmasters, SEO it shows statistics for each site you visit in your Chrome browser. It has the peculiarity to highlight nofollow links.

After installing the extension, click its icon in the upper right corner of your browser. You will see an option "Show Nofollow" Check this option to highlight nofollow links.

Now when you visit a blog or creating a backlink, if the link is highlighted then it is a nofollow link and if it is not highlighted, it's a dofollow link.

2. NoDoFollow Firefox extension:

By adding the extension NoDoFollow you can see if a link in a website or a blog is Dofollow or not.

It highlights the link of a site visit in two different colors. If the link is highlighted in blue then it is dofollow and if it's red it is nofollow.
Ok. Now we have two extensions to check the links of comments. Then we have to find blogs in your niche to create backlinks.

3. How to search for blogs in your niche?

If you already have a list of blogs related to your niche, you just have to find backlinks by visiting these blogs and check if the comments are Dofollow or not.

If you do not have a list you can make a search to find backlinks on Google like this.
  • Your keyword "Comment here" (For example: Blogger Tricks "comment here")
  • Your keyword "let your answer"
  • Your keyword "Add Comment"
  • Your keyword "Leave a comment»
Replace "keyword" with the keyword you want to search.

Search Blogs using this method that interest you and check if the comments are Dofollow or Nofollow.

You can then comment and start creating dofollow backlinks to improve your SEO and climb in search results of Google.

Note: I usually ignores the Nofollow and Dofollow when I comment on a blog. Share a comment of quality and build your authority is more important.

Find and create nofollow backlinks on high authority blog can also bring you targeted visitors and improve your SEO.

Do you have other tips for finding and creating Dofollow backlinks? leave us a comment below.

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