How to become a professional blogger - 4 Tips

Professional Blogger

You know and I know that having a website is not difficult. Besides, you can install wordpress in five minutes, and oops! You have become bloggers. Is not it?

If! You can become a blogger in under five minutes.
what kind of bloggers will you be? A looser or a pro? He writes articles for itself or one that forms a community around their site?

Is not a professional blogger who wants to, but that actually decides and meets certain criteria essential to the success of blog.

I will share with you how to become a professional blogger 4 tips you need to apply in order to establish your credibility and charge you in the blogosphere.

How to become a professional blogger in 4 steps

1 - Have a newsletter:

You hear and read almost every time the money is in the list. But have you considered building your list and how do you do it?

When you launch your website, you have to quickly think about putting a newsletter. Because having a newsletter is vital if you want to make money with your blog.

In addition, the newsletter will allow you to be in permanent contact with your readers, and vice versa. It will also help you develop your traffic.

You probably say you are just starting and do not have the means to pay you an autoresponder.

2 - Comment on other professionals Blogs:

Would you like to see the comments pouring in your blog? Start doing it on other blogs.

Leaving comments, you give yourself a chance to know you on the canvas (by other bloggers and Internet users).

This will also help to develop partnerships with other professional bloggers.

But leaving relevant comments, it will be easier to publish a guest article or have other types of partnership with blogger.

3 - Put a favicon on your blog:

The favicon is the small image of 16 × 16 pixels you see on the top left of the site title in the browser.

You see mine?

It allows you to give a professional image to your blog. And also allows it to stand out from the mass with its own identity to it.

to become a professional blogger you must install on your blog. You can generate free on your free online services or create a 16 × 16 pixels yourself.

4 - Having an avatar:

Have you noticed when small image that appears next to your name when you post a comment? 

You can customize it by simply creating an account on

Having a personal avatar is important because it will help you better say your image among your readers and bloggers in your niche.

What else?

These are just a few key points to consider to become a professional blogger in your niche.

These are certainly not the only key points. But those that I considered important to share with you.

Because most often these are points which are underdeveloped yet they are important.

If you have other key components to add, please share them with us in the comments.

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