WordPress: Redirect to a thank you page after a comment

Redirect to thank you page after comment

Have you thought of saying thank you for a thank you page or redirect visitor when He Post a comment on your wordpress blog? No ...!

Your lack of gratitude may cost you dear ...

Here's How To Create A Thank you Page On Wordpress to thank the people who comment on your blog articles.

You do not perhaps realize, but you probably visited thousands of page "THANK YOU ..." since you started to serve you to the Internet!

On a site, there are several times where one can see a page of thanks and in general this message is automatic:

  • When one makes a purchase, "Thanks for your purchase", most of the payment systems redirect to a thank you page.
  • When you subscribe to a newsletter, "Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter," the use of an auto-responder allows redirection after subscription to an "Thank you page".
  • When one member of a site: "Thank you for signing", registering on a forum is often followed by a welcome message, etc ...

But when a visitor post a comment on your blog ... where is he after?

WordPress, redirection to a thank you page after comments do not always exist.

So how do you create and redirect the comments to a thank you page?

Rest assured, just insert a small snippet of code into your WordPress theme, or installing a small Plugin if you have never put your hands in the code.

Solution 1 - Put your hands in the code ...

If you used to use an FTP client following will seem trivial to you, otherwise I suggest you educate yourself on the subject, it is not as complicated as you think ;)

First, create a new page of thanks in your wordpress admin interface, call out "thank you" for example.

Then edit the functions.php of your theme file (wp-content / themes / your-theme / functions.php) and add the line of code below to redirect to another url comments - page:

add_action('comment_post_redirect', 'Thanks');

function Thanks() {
    return 'http://YourDomain.com/thankyou';
Replace the blue by the url of your blog and it's good! You do more than to put what you want in your thank you page.

Solution 2 - Use Plugin to redirect comments

If you absolutely do not know how to edit your WordPress theme, you have a small plugin that will do it for you:

Use This Plugin To Redirect Comment's To Thankyou Page : Comment Redirect

Just install, activate, select the thank you page after redirecting comment and save.

Well, it'll just determine what you can or rather what you have to put in this page.

How to optimize your thank page - redirection?

Everything depends on the thank you page of type:

For example a merchant, often we use Upselling, a sales technique that involves making an additional offer just after purchasing a product. It redirects you to a page "thank you" but not for nothing ...

The additional supply is used and allows to significantly increase the expense of a buyer.

But what to put in a page that follows a comment?

A person who says one of your articles is an interested Article, in other words, much more likely to go a little further ... but it's not a customer so far!

Here are some other ideas to consider for your blog:
  • adding a search field to help your visitors find what they need staying on your blog.
  • add a list of similar items and other interesting links.
  • add an entry form for your newsletter.
  • offer to join you on your networks (Facebook, Twitter etc ...)
  • offer to subscribe to your RSS feed
  • advertise
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