Analyzing a competitor website and launch your blog in 14 steps

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In this article, I'll give you 14 steps to analyze a competitor's blog before you start your own blog.
The aim will be to answer these 14 steps to launch a blog better than the competitor of your niche.

To analyze a competitor's website you need to know ...

1) What are the topics?

What are the different sections, topics that come up ...

2) What is the tone used in the articles?

Is the blogger instead uses a familiar discourses, professional, humorous, critical ...

3) What is the frequency of posts?

Is this is a blog that publishes posts 5 times a day (quantitative), 1 times per week (qualitative) ...

4) What level of posts?

What level of posts? Are the items are intended for broad public or a targeted public as beginners or professionals ...

5) What are the topics that generate the most comments?

What topics that encourage people to leave comments or, items that do not debate, they do not like ...

6) What are the most popular posts?

Analyze blog posts and see if the best blog posts are quite lists, mood tickets or opinion articles worked and reviews of products ...

7) What kinds of questions are asked?

What are the problems that users or readers meet. You can really meet the needs of your niche through feedback competing blogs!

8) What types of information leave readers in the comments?

These notes will help you avoid those mistakes on your own blog.

9) Does the blog using social networks?

Analyze competitor wordpress blog and presence on social networks. Facebook, Tweeter, Youtube? What is the communication strategy of the blog on social networks ...

10) What are the enrollment options (newsletter, RSS feeds ...)

Y-he has exclusive content in the newsletter, just subscribe to an RSS feed? How the blogger does it communicate with its readers, what is its communications strategy, is that the blogger sells a product...

11) How do you design blog?

The design quality is there, cared? What what you like and what you do not like that ...

12) What is successful and what is less so on the blog?

This way you will be able to naturally enhance these features on your blog when you create it.

13) What types of ads are on the blog? 

Are these advertisers are interesting? Where is it possible to display their ads ...

14) Is it of the affiliation? Which affiliate programs using the blogger?

You can offer the same programs to monetize your blog. But you can also analyze whether these programs on the blog talk about the same subject as yours or if they are not in competition with your future product.

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