Top 8 twitter Plugins For Wordpress In 2015

twitter plugins for wordpress

Today the success of a blog depends on the effective use of social networks.

And to help you increase your success on social networks I present a list of Top 8 twitter Plugins For Wordpress In 2015.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and you have to enjoy its benefits, if you want to be a blogger SUPER.
For bloggers, Twitter is another great way to get more traffic to their site.
And to successfully get traffic you need to connect your WordPress blog with your Twitter account.

Here is a list of Top 8 twitter Plugins For Wordpress In 2015 that may be useful.

1. Xhanch - My Twitter :

This is the best WordPress plugin to display your latest tweets, replies, messages, retweets and more.

You can also post a tweet / status directly from your wordpress blog and automatically tweet your articles published recently.

The PLugin Xhanch WordPress offers complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. This plugin can also connect and access multiple accounts.

2. WP to Twitter :

WP to Twitter sharing your new item from your WordPress blog using your URL shortening service.

The extension uses a model Tweet for updates or changes of your articles and pages and also allows you to write a specific Tweet for each item, using a selection of shortcodes to generate your Tweet.

3. Tweet Old Post :

Tweet Old Post is a plugin to tweet your old articles and get more traffic. This plugin can randomly choose your previous article based on the interval specified by you.

4. Tweetable :

Tweetable allows you to display your recent updates one by one with a rotation of animation.
  • You can completely customize the display of tweets: how many tweets to display, or not to include retweets, speed ...
  • Responsive - display suits the size of the screen.
  • Multilingual more ...

5. Click To Tweet :

This is my favorite plugin for 2015, it lets you easily create a CLICK TO TWEET button of your text or your quote.

Use any text in your page to create a block and facilitate the sharing of your pages on twitter.

6. WP Twitter Timeline :

WP Twitter Timeline will add a widget in the sidebar of your wordpress blog that displays your latest Tweets. You can customize the appearance of the widget easily.

7. Twitter Follow Box :

This Plugin allows you to display your followers on Twitter in the sidebar (or anywhere else in the theme). The display is similar to the Facebook Like Box.

8. Twitter mentions as comments :

Automatically retrieve answers and / or retweets for links from your blog to integrate into the WordPress comment system.

As always, feel free to add your own favorite plugins for 2015, there is a lot more than 8 Twitter plugins but as usual I like to keep things simple!

If you Have Some More Plugins, Then Feel Free To Share with us Via Comment's.

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