5 Tips To Increase Interaction On Your Facebook Page

Increase Interaction Facebook Page

We all know that the recent changes to Facebook declined publications visibility of your pages by fans.

More your fans interact with your page (by like, comments and shares), plus your publications will be displayed more fans. Conversely, fewer fans interact with your page, the less your publications will be displayed for them and for others.

So how can you Increase Interaction On your Facebook page?

1. Post frequently :

Once a day is unlikely to reach many fans, you should try to post several times a day.

You can also test the time to share your publications. when do you get the most interaction?

2. Vary your content :

This is especially important if you publish content frequently, but it will also help your EdgeRank (increase the visibility of your Facebook page).

Try to think of new things to post?

  • pics
  • Youtube video
  • Article / website link
  • funny pictures
  • Questions

3. A call to action :

It is not enough to post something interesting, if you want to increase interaction and the fans on your Facebook page, you have to ask them to respond to publications that you post!

Short publications create more interactions.

Asking fans to answer yes or no, or only a few words to increase interaction on your Facebook page.

Ask the fans of opinion on an interesting topic.

Need ideas to vary your call to action and bring the fans to interact? try:

  • Fill in the blank (leave your fans finish the sentence)
  • Click "Like" if you agree
  • Review - What do you think of ...
  • True or false?

4. Show your personal side :

People like to know and interact with new people. you can post publications that give your fans an idea of who you are as a person.

It is important to establish a personal relationship with your fans.

Maybe you have a quote that inspires you, or a personal goal that you set ... you can share with your fans. This type of publication is very "friendly".

5. New methods for using your page :

  • Ask fans to post their best photos on your page
  • Asking fans to share a story or experience
  • A fun contest / competition (not necessary price, but the glory!)
  • A theme of the day: day question / answer, funny pictures day, best day recipe, useful tip day
imagine your Facebook page is like having a little coffee corner in your store.

Enjoy and have fun using your page, it's the magic of facebook. This is not your shop, it's a place to make your store a more personal place.

If the item please you can share it with your friends, share with us other tips you use to increase interaction on your Facebook pages a Comment ;)

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