How to avoid mistakes in your articles

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I will not give you a magic formula here, you simply share my method to avoid spelling mistakes, typing or grammatical errors.
I was talking on the little things that will make your visitors away, publish an article full of mistakes can not be tolerated. These will damage your image, but also risk pushing your reader to leave your blog. So here are some rules to follow to avoid mistakes in your articles.

1. Do Not Publish ARTICLE Directly

This is the best way to forget a mistake. Take reflex save your article to read and ensure that all related fields (SEO, keywords, image to the one ...) are met.

2. Always Make A Replay

It sounds silly, but I assure you that you will one day tried not to do so, for lack of time or simply because you think intractable spelling or grammar.

Whatever happens, reread your article. To do this, save it time draft and watch it at a glance. This will allow the same time to see if your text is airy, if there is no problem with your images.

3. If You DOUBT, Check Again

If during your proofreading, you hang on a sentence, it is inevitably it is poorly worded. Correct his appearance. Keeping it simple is always better.

If you are unsure of a word or agreement, check it. For that Google is your friend and can help you whatever your problem.

You see, in most cases, someone will already have asked the same question.


You made the turn, corrected small errors, your article is perfect!

So be a final reading to be sure, but this time aloud.

5. Remember The Field Notes

You re-read your article, but have you taken the time to read in your WordPress interface description, the different fields in your SEO plugin or keywords? Are you sure that there is no fault in these spaces? It would be stupid to forget a small mistake at this level.

Everything is OK? You can finally publish or schedule the publication of your article.

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