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Increasingly, influential bloggers are hounded by the brands to become so called brand ambassadors. Indeed, this is a business for lower cost advertising and a good marketing strategy: the influential bloggers are very popular with the public and represent a source of information and practical advice on such product or service. However, these influential bloggers receive every day dozens or even hundreds of mails asking them to become brand ambassadors. But then, how to contact them and draw their attention to your brand? Here are 4 tips:

Personalize your Message

Influential bloggers are receiving a lot of emails a day, and sorting is often done in the first sentence of the message. It is therefore essential that you contact your target by showing him you know it, you have learned about him and that you personally interested (you want this blogger and not another). Do not hesitate to call them by their first names: Bloggers are people like you and me and are very attached to how you will contact them. You can also use the familiarity to prove that you really want to work with this person and want to install a sense of intimacy between him and you. Be yourself and forget "marketing" aspect of this approach to devote yourself solely to the social and human. The mall is not necessarily the first point of contact. You can also call more selflessly on Twitter or Instagram for example. Be interested in him, that he is interested in you in return.

Be clear and concise

With all the emails received, bloggers have rarely time to devote to read a message from a hundred lines: made so short and especially get to the point. It is important that you expose your application and your goals at the beginning of your message to your target blogger knows what to expect. Of course, be friendly and sociable but avoid long paragraphs praising the blog and the blogger: it will not take you seriously and will think that it is your last chance. Do not send a sense of desperation in your message: show as you want to talk about your products but also doing desire. Bloggers know the reputation of their blogs via popular with surfers, so it is important that you flatter them or you to congratulate them for their glory but without overdoing it.

Let him free

A blogger influence should not be considered your employee. Certainly a contract of confidence will settle between you and the two sides will have to meet mandated targets but it is important that you do not ask too blogger. Indeed, the latter has a personal and professional life outside of his blog and will not always go your products before the rest. It is therefore essential that you follow a long delay for writing the article or put online a video; do not impose too short publication deadlines. In addition, the blog belongs to him, it is personal and it is his personal life that blogger sharing: let him free writing does not necessarily ask them to send you the article before publication; you have to trust your partner and you will make good. If you chose it, that's his way of expressing and communicating in his community; his writing freedom should be an essential criterion at the start of your agreement.

Stay in touch

In order not to lose your blogger or tired, it is important that you stay in regular contact via email or phone. Do it feel well integrated in your team by soliciting regular notably to encourage him in writing articles but also to congratulate each publication. Feel free to send your newsletters to invite event but especially to take her your future product previews: the blogger will feel privileged and will be most happy to work with you. The fallout will be only positive.

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