3 key elements to reference a site 1st place in Google

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          Is it that hard to reference a website? The answer is yes, and no. Although we do not have access to the algorithms of search engines, we can at least guess, by logic, and especially with the tests.
I think that today, 90% of the information is available. In other words, we know how to reference a website in the first page of Google. By cons, what is more difficult is to do the work, and compete with sites already present, who themselves work their SEO every day. The more time passes, the more the leaders base their dominant position in Google. How to have a chance to dethrone, what are the 3 secrets to propel themselves rapidly in the 1st place?
Apart from optimizing "On Page" there has to work three variables to reference a website in the first place Google. Work that is done on the long term, and that really is, really, a lot of time. Once the site is optimized for the engines, more than meet these 3 variables, which are the foundations of SEO:

The 3 criteria to work to reference a website on the first page of the engines

1- The Content :

          Probably the most important element after popularity. Google's mission, is to make available information in an organized and global way. A site with lots of quality content, thus a little nugget for Google and its users. With the simple content publishing, you will gradually reference your own site. I 95 000 pages in one of my sites, and I propelled 2nd place in Google for a very competitive keyword. Without SEO work behind (Aside from the One Page). Write, publish pages, content, everything you can, the more you have, the more you will appear in the top positions. Example: Commentcamarche.net almost 5 million pages (This is a sacred number!), And the first 80% of requests for computer ...

PS: Bing gives more importance to content than Google. Indeed, it is very easy now through scripts, create sites 100 000 pages in a few clicks, and reference a site in the long tail queries. To avoid this, Google gives priority to the popularity.

2- The Popularity :

          Google measures the popularity, the quantity, and quality of links pointing to your site. The famous "Backlinks". Obviously, if a site with many links that point to it is that many speak of it, so it's a reference, a probably very intéréssant site. To work this part, do link exchanges, but especially publish articles on blogs (Guest Posting) you are referencing in directories, post comments ... and if your site is really good, then this popularity, will take place in even her. (This is very rare, so a point to really work for it!)

Example: lequipe.fr first on very Competitive query "Sport", with nearly 900 visible external links considered by Google (With comlete list on Yahoo, really huge). It allows him to appear at the head, in front of his competitor who as yet the keyword URL: Sport.fr and Sport with the keyword title (PS: The site also offers better content)

PS: Google now take into account the Social Networks to reference a website (number of links on Twitter, Facebook, to calculate your popularity is because a lot of faith retweet item must necessarily be of quality.!

3- Socialization :

          Finally, an equally important element. This is what has allowed very little time to Facebook to become the company valued at $ 50 billion, it is now. For this, you must allow the "User Generated Content". That is to say that it is the Internet, which will publish the content for you. (It is much faster to have millions of people who fill your site, rather than waiting to do it or even!). The volume of your content then increases very quickly. To do this, let the comments, the participation of users through forums, accounts, etc. Or simply create a site with a completely user generated content concept.

Example: Facebook first on almost all the names and surnames of research, and yet it is only the users who created the site content. By cons, if you create a website on your name, you give him some backlinks you can get facielement in first place (hence the importance of backlinks!)

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