10 SEO Tips Keep In Mind When Creating A website

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          When looking at the statistics on clicks from the results pages of Google, the importance of a good SEO seems obvious. Even if the SEO tips below require to spend a little more time on creating a site, they are the basis of a long-term benefit to your communication strategy. In addition, the majority of these items are not complicated to integrate into your site if you consider them early in the creative process ...

1. Hosting and domain name :

Everything begins there. SEO too!

Google takes into account the language of your site and location. Choosing your hosting and your domain name may therefore impact the positioning of a website in search results. Consider your target well at your choice (.com for example?) To turn this to your advantage.

2. The website design :

As said Naoise Osbourne, among AOD responsible SEO Marketing "design is a key element in the creation of a website," but it is also a key element to a good start his Registration. Indeed, we must use language that appeals to search engines: your website must be read and explored their robots. Therefore, avoid Flash content that robots do not read, and also pay attention to the site load time: not too long graphic elements to download or too heavy 3D animation! The PHP code is ideal for the main site creation and javascript and CSS animations and effects.

3. Navigation :

Google takes into account the ease of navigation of your website. To be referenced better, keep your most important pages within 3 clicks of your home page. You have to take that into account when creating your navigation menu.

A Sitemap, an easily accessible page that contains all the links of the pages of your website, will allow Google to know each of your pages and facilitate their SEO.

4. URLs :

How URLs are built influences the positioning in search results. Best URLs for a good SEO are those that are descriptive and contain keywords. That's why we must avoid the automatic creation numbers or special codes from the start although customize the links!

5. Meta tags :

Meta tags are the titles and descriptions that appear in the results of search engines.

Often when creating a site, the meta tags are not optimized. They are sometimes even non-existent. However, use of meta tags unique for each web page of a site, to optimize their SEO and give another reason users to click on your page over another in the list of search results!

6. The titles tags :

Title tags, subtitles and content used to organize information and the contents of a page. They give structure to the content and are appreciated by the search engines.

It is advisable to use only one <H1> title per page and insert keywords on the main subject of the page. The subtitle <H2> will complement it. The value given to the content between these tags is more important than the content of the rest of the page: use it!

7. Content :

The content is a key element of a website. Think of the content from the design of your website: Plan out the design of your site to avoid some pages have very little content because they are difficult to properly reference.

The content of the website must be unique: it does not duplicate other sites nor be reproduced, and it is also important to ensure that the content is not duplicated even within your own site.

In order not to penalize your site with bad content if you have test pages, protect these pages with a password to prevent robots search engine to analyze them. You can also directly tell them which pages to index or not in the robots.txt file or .htaccess

8. Update the content :

Since the creation of the site, you need to keep in mind that search engines love content updated regularly. Therefore, it is appropriate to provide a page or part of the site will be updated regularly! News, Blog, News ... add impact to your website!

9. The names and photos of descriptions :

Your photos are part of the contents of your website. Therefore, they also impact the positioning of the site in search engines. Consider the impact on SEO upon insertion of your first photo is an advantage:

Google image is widely used and sometimes appears in the top results of a Google search;
There are specialized networks like Pinterest images;
Images are easy media sharing, which can thus participate in the promotion of your site.

That's why you have to work the name of his images and their attributes Alt, right from the creation of the site. Place the keywords related to your image in the image name and make sure that Alt are descriptive and well match the image.

10. Social Media :

Links that point to your site is important to have a good place in the search results. When designing the site, consider inserting buttons to allow quick and easy sharing of your site via social networks to improve the popularity of your site, and therefore your SEO!

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