How to customize the Wordpress login page


          Many WordPress users do not like to use the default WordPress login page or the registration form offered by the platform. What they mostly look for is the ability to customize these pages.

If this is your case, then know that there are some WordPress plugins specifically designed to allow bloggers who wish to customize their registration and login pages.

In this article, we have assembled the best WordPress extensions to do it properly.

1. Profile Builder :

Profile Builder

Profile Builder is one of the most popular WordPress plugins dedicated to user profile management. This plugin gives you the ability to edit their profile or to register new users from the interface of the front-end (visible part of the blog).

To display the form, simply create a new page and give it a name. A shortcode you will be offered, you just add it to the newly created page.

2. Clean Login :


Clean connection is a new plugin, but it is still effective and quality. This plugin displays forms on pages through shorcodes for functionality: Connection, registration, profile management and lost password.

You can protect your login form with a CAPTCHA (WordPress Tutorial: How to block unwanted comments on your blog ... with the CAPTCHA system), forms are also protected by the anti-spam protection Honeypot (Registration Honeypot: A simple plugin for WordPress fight against spam).

3. Icha All-in-One Enterprise WordPress Login :

All in one enterprise

This is an excellent plug connection and recording, which in addition is very user friendly. It replaces the default WordPress login page on a more professional, intuitive and clear, which is both simple and easy to use.

4. Flexible Frontend Login :

Flexible frontend login

Another way to add a login and registration form on your WordPress dashboard. It provides several shortcodes to place in your pages to display a login form from any place on your blog.

5. Users Manager :

users manager

Users Manager is another interesting WordPress plugin that will help you manage the connection on the blog for users and all other elements of the profile. It is really effective to manage your WordPress community.

Once you have installed and complete the activation process, click the User Management tab in your WordPress sidebar (Users) and you will see three new options: Profile, Register and Log.

6. Modal Login Register Forgotten :

Modal login

Attractive login page with tons of options. In addition to the registration and login forms are compatible with mobile devices (mobile responsive).

7. WP Sidebar Login :

wp sidebar login

As its name suggests, WP Sidebar Login a login form on the sidebar of your WordPress blog. Standard design but useful.

8. zM Ajax Login & Registration :

zm ajax login

Not only in to add tethering and Registration via facebook, but it also allows you to customize your registration and login pages.

9. Orbital Login :

orbital login

Your users will not have to access the default login or registration pages, and more, it will benefit from a personalized profile on your blog with this unique plugin.

10. Ninety Ajax Login/Register :

nintey ajax login

Highly recommended as an extension.

Here, you have the complete list of plugins to customize your login and registration pages so as to give them a more professional look. Now you know what you have to do ...

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