How To find Your Wordpress Login Url (Link) ?


          If you are new to WordPress and you are disconnected from your own blog and have no idea of how to reconnect again, this can sometimes be frustrating.

But if several themes used can provide a link to the login URL to the dashboard of your blog, it is becoming increasingly rare to find a theme that nowadays does.

wordpress login url
Connect quickly and easily to your WordPress blog.
          In this article I will show you how to locate (find) faster your Wordpress Login URL (link on the login page of the blog).

Go to the Admin Panel (Login area) of your Wordpress

          To access their site, most people will want to go directly to the dashboard of their admin area. The best way to do this is to add / wp-admin at the end of the URL (address) of your blog.

If you are not already logged in, WordPress will automatically prompt you to sign displaying the Login box.


If your blog is in a subfolder, your login URL will look like this:


If your blog is in a subdirectory, you can add / wp-admin at the end:


Go to your Wordpress Login Page

          You can go directly to the login page of your blog by adding at the end of your URL / wp-login or / wp-login / php:


If your blog is in a subfolder:


Or if your blog is in a subdirectory, you can always add it to the end as follows:


Customize your Login Page

          If you already have basic skills on WordPress and want to customize your login page, then I recommend you this article: How to customize the Wordpress login page.

This article gives you a list of plugins that allow you to customize the login and registration pages of your WordPress blog. You can add your logo or whatever you want on these pages.

Hope this tutorial will help you find the login link your WordPress blog. If you have any comments, feel free to leave comments below.
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