Can We Earn Money with Affiliate? If yes, How?

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Before starting Let me make one thing clear:

  I do not believe in easy money and there are no magic tricks in this article that will help you become rich overnight. So if you run after easy money then this article is not for you.

This article will cover the following points:

  • What affiliation and the different types of affiliate marketing
  • The benefit of being an affiliate marketer
  • A few tips and tricks to succeed in the affiliate marketing

So can you really make money with affiliate programs? Well yes and no; There is money in affiliate marketing, but that YOU can make money or not depends on many other factors such as your commitment, your experience, site traffic etc.

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliation?

According to Wikipedia:

"The affiliation is a partnership between a website editor and a commercial site seeking to develop its online sales or capture a larger number of quote requests. The commercial site, then called "advertiser" offers an affiliate program site wishing to sell its traffic, then called "affiliate". This affiliate program describes how the affiliate will be paid by promoting products or services affiliators. "

Essentially, you, as a publisher, will be rewarded when you help a commercial site or seller to promote their products or services.

Membership is one of the fastest and the cheapest to start earning money as you do not have to create the products yourself. You make a link between the buyer and the seller, and you take a commission on the sale.

The affiliation, how does it work?

When you join an affiliate program and choose the products you want to sell, sellers provide a unique affiliate code that you can use to send traffic to the site.

Most affiliate programs will offer ready text links, banners, and others, and you only need to copy the code and place on your website to start sending traffic above.

When interested visitors click on the links on your site, they are redirected to the product site, and if they buy a product or subscribe to a service, you earn a commission.

Sellers can track your performance with your affiliate ID and affiliate software they use. You also have access to all sales in real time and you can see your stats.

You do not have to sell products all the time to earn a commission. Various affiliate programs can use different payment methods such as:
  • Pay per Sale: In this program a merchant pays you a percentage of the sale price when the purchase is made.
  • Pay to Click: In this program your payment is based on the number of visitors that you redirect to Seller's website for your affiliate site, regardless of whether there was or not sales.
  • Pay per Lead (prospect): You get paid once sent visitors provide their contact details on the site by filling a simple form. (This first type of affiliation that brought me my first euros).

Why become an Affiliate Marketer?

The affiliation is considered one of the best Internet marketing techniques to make money online and I will explain why:
  • Good quality / price ratio: Internet marketing is cheap and you do not have to worry about the cost of production as the product is already developed by the vendor. You do not need a physical location for the business or need to hire employees.
  • International market: Online marketing gives you the opportunity to easily reach people worldwide.
  • No fee: You pay nothing to join affiliate programs.
  • No Storage No Shipping: You do not have to worry about storage, packaging or shipping the product. The seller takes care!
  • No Customer Support: You do not have to provide support or assistance to the customer, or deal with consumer complaints, as the Seller does it for you.
  • Passive Income: Regular work can give you a fixed income as you keep walking. Depending on your skill in marketing, the affiliate can create a steady income stream even when you're not at your computer.
  • Allows you to work from home: If you earn enough money so you do not have to worry about going to work together or being stuck in traffic because of traffic. You can work from the comfort of your own home.

Some Tips to become a Good Affiliate Marketer

After reading all the benefits of membership, if you think you will be rich overnight by selling affiliate products online, then you are wrong.

Membership is definitely an excellent way to make money online but it is also highly competitive. To be successful in the affiliate, you must know the needs of the market, learn to promote products, and find out what works and what does not.

Here are some tips to succeed in the affiliate:

1 - Choose Only Good Products

The first mistake many affiliate marketers make is that they are part of too many different affiliate programs and they are trying to promote anything.

Follow this road can become very overwhelming and you can not properly promote any type of product.

All you need to do to be successful is to find the right products to promote. Try to understand the market needs and are looking for products that are aligned properly with the niche or area of your site.

2 - Test, Measure and Track Affiliate Campaign

This is a very good idea to use various product promotion strategies to see what works and what does not. Try doing splits test and measure the performance of each campaign and then act accordingly.

Change things here and there can save you more radically. Make sure to place banner ads on different areas on the pages of your site.

Most affiliate programs will give you basic stats you might need, but there's nothing stopping you to use your own tracking software.

There are a lot of software or tracking website you can use to track your affiliate campaign.

Example: CPVlab

3 - Choose the Right Site Marchand

When you promote a product you are promoting as the person or company behind the product, so try to choose wisely. You do not want your visitors to go to the site, purchase a product from your advice, then come back unhappy.

Do you think that these visitors return to your site and will want again your advice?

Probably not. This can damage your credibility in the long term. Usually, websites / business that offer good customer service also have the best customer satisfaction, so stay with them.

Here are some sites for Affiliation:

4 - Use Of Useful Tools

If you are serious to make affiliation so try to find tools that will help you be more efficient. There are many useful tools. If you use a self-hosted WordPress site, then consider getting a kind of Affiliate Link Manager plugin.


Do not stand there praying that people buy, (well you can), but mostly set everything right from the start to put all the chances of side cutter!

If you think that visitors will click on your affiliate links and buy just because you have placed dozens of links to your website then you are wrong!

You must have a well structured plan in place. Affiliate marketing is a business so you have a much better chance of success if you treat it as such.

I'm sure I do not have any hatching, please please share your tips in the comment box below.
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