8 Essential Tools For Successful Optimization


Semantic and technical analysis, optimization ... To carry out a project to optimize a site for SEO, it is necessary to use the tools to be effective. Discover a selection of 8 tools to support you every step of your SEO ...

Semantic Study ...

1: Google Keyword Planner :

         Number of search per month competition ... Google Keyword Planner will allow you to obtain information on the keywords you are targeting. Better yet, it will show you related words to expand your semantics. A tool known but essential to implement a semantic analysis upstream of optimization.

2: Copyscape :

         Copyscape lets you verify that your content was not taken without your agreement, to another site.

Link: Copyscape.

SEO Analysis ...

3: Google webmaster tools :

          Google Webmaster allows you to analyze the indexing of your site and its health status (exploration mistake, blocked url ...). It is also through this tool you indicate your sitemap to Google.

4: SEMRush :

         SEMRush has more or less the same functionality as SEMvisu. Both tools will distinguish themselves through their database and ergonomics. To you to test and choose the tool that best suits you.

Link: SEMRush.

5: SEO Tools :

         The site SEO tools offers a range of tools enabling you to analyze your SEO. It includes tools analyzing your HTTP headers, your tags, your keywords density, a sitemap generator and many other services.

Link: SEO Tools.

Optimization ...

6: LiveOptim :

          LiveOptim optimization is a script that will install on your site to dynamically optimize your content. Simply specify the keywords you want to work as well as the pages that refer LiveOptim and optimize your entire site without you having to do anything. LiveOptim runs on most of the CMS and may also be installed on a site using a CMS house. 

Link: LiveOptim.

7: WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast :

          This plugin is for WordPress sites. It will optimize your meta, your sitemap and many other things. A completely install WordPress on your site.

8: Sitemap Generator :

          To generate a Sitemap many alternatives available to SEOs. For WordPress sites, many plugins available. Whether for a classic Sitemap or a Sitemap for Google News. You can also use XML Sitemaps site to generate a sitemap for any type of site.

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