Is your site optimized for the search engines?


Optimize your website for SEO

          If SEO, or advertising on engines (organic listings, general advertising and pay per click), are part of your marketing strategy, then you need to have a website optimized, ie, which converts who Please your visitors. To acquire customers or members, sell more online and for many other reasons as important as each other :). Research dollars are made every day on the Internet. A person who makes a search requires proactive information. He was already looking for what you offer, what you sell. This is a real prospect, and that's why the engines are so popular to make themselves known.

Looking at the search results, most users are looking for specific items, and at least one of them must be present to win a click. These elements are for example the key phrase in the title or description, product information, and trademarks and trusted vendors.

There are many things that are very important in optimization:

- Text optimized page:

          Each page should be optimized for some key search phrases. These are phrases that people use when they search for information related to this page. Write a unique and meaningful title for each web page and include keyword phrases in each title, description and is also important. Preferably, the earliest possible head.

- Simple navigation for robots:

          Make sure that a robot can easily navigate throughout your site. This is often made possible by a secondary navigation based links, or site plan regularly updated. Reduce variable in the pages of URL, is very important for dynamic sites. Also, the higher your site is W3C valid, more likely it is to be easily examined. Some mistakes, it's okay, from 500/1000 begin to worry a little. Click here to review it.

- Incoming links from major sites:

          Links to your website from important sites (such as the most popular and other relevant sites directories), will boost your popularity rating.

- Design compatible with search engines:

          Excessive use of features that can pose problems for robots (flash animations, "frames", dynamic content) will impact negatively your visibility on search engines, even for "heavy" pages that require no script, or pages that use languages that search engines can not read.

- Fresh content:

          Once a site is optimized, it needs to be updated, changed, and updated. In general, search engines love the "new" content, so continuous optimization is essential.

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