10 reasons why people do not visit your website

people no visit website

Why people do not visit your website

         Wish you had more visits to your website or blog? But you do not know why your site is not visited more than that? There are no magic solutions, but there are actually many reasons that make your website does not achieve popularity, you want it to reach. And the reasons that make those who visit you once, do not come back to your site. Read these 10 reasons now to be able to now, do these things for your site, and improve your popularity:

1- You do not offer free original content. It is important to give your visitors information they can not find elsewhere. If you are the only source of a certain type of information, or a service, people will flock to your website.

2- You do not offer software or free products. Most people like to find good deals for software or products for their computers, or personal culture or their diversion. If the software is free, it's even better! In addition, it allows you to give a sample of your paid products.

3- You do not offer free competition. It's a fact, people like to win things. If you can fulfill that need, people will stop on your site and visit it. In addition, you will live your community, existing and be promoting customer relations.

4- You do not offer the possibility of expression. Today, social networks are an integral part of our lives. People want to express their ideas, to say what they think. Allow them the opportunity to comment, participate and interact with your site. Because it is THEIR site.

5- You do not offer free newsletter. Many people like to receive regular e-mail free information on topics that interest them. This saves time and money. Be sure to also create quality content.

6- You do not offer a free community. People like to have a place where they can have discussions with others on a particular subject. You can add a chat room or discussion forum on your website. If you have already complied with paragraph 4, then it will bring added value to your visitors, so they can express themselves.

7- You do not offer an affiliate program. If you give people the opportunity to sell quality products in exchange for a commission, you will then create an ambassador of your products community, which will not only visit and revisit you, but also contribute to your popularity .

8- You do not offer advanced features. When I start to become loyal to a website, I like to explore the different tabs, menus, and the various possibilities gives me this site. If the site is empty, then I would definitely not return. Caution, do not confuse simplicity and lack of features. Like DropBox for example, very simple but extremely functional.

9- You do not offer information routinely updated. Provide new stories related to your website, or your theme. People want news on the topics that interest them and learn new things. They will also be interested to visit your website, if you provide them the information they ask for.

10- You are not accessible. What's more frustrating, a website that does not respond to our emails. And instead, what a joy to have a personalized response, and quick response!

That's it, breathe and start to develop your community, and increase your popularity and interest of your site for your visitors :)

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