10 Traffic Sources for your blog, increase blog traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic

         Want to increase traffic to your blog? No problem, I'm your man! Carefully read this article, I'll present the 10 best sources of free traffic to your blog. Learn how to increase traffic blog, increases its popularity, its referencing. In order to increase your income, if you are selling something or you have to advertise. Now down to business:

Traffic Source 1: Search engines :

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have to be your best traffic providers in the long term for your blog (Especially Google!). Almost all visitors going through this type of search engine to find information on the web. Be present, visible, and work the strategy from the beginning of your business. Then you have to improve the SEO of your site, working the 3 key elements of a good SEO.

Traffic Source 2: Web Directories :

Quality web directories can also be a potential source of traffic for your blog. You can try listing your website on directories manually, which will in any case preferable to an automatic referencing. This increases your visibility, and above all, (this is why I ranked second) this allows you to create links for your SEO. So to do from the beginning, and then do not change them!

Traffic Source 3: The RSS feed :

It is essential to give your blog an RSS feed that will be responsible for periodically identify a list of recent articles published on your website. Please also submit the RSS feed to many RSS directories. Many visitors who have enjoyed your blog at a glance, this flow will have favorites, as a source of information, and thus potential traffic for your blog.

Traffic Source 4: Social networks :

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, ... can also be a great source of traffic for blogs. Some tools like tweet adder allow you to post comments on your Twitter account automatically. The big advantage: You maintain your reputation on the web with a highly targeted audience. Be careful not to automate everything and create a human relationship with your fans. To increase traffic to his blog with social networking, you must post snappy title that arouses curiosity and makes you want to click your fans.

Traffic Source 5: The direct visits :

Your direct visitors are undoubtedly your best visitors because they have the advantage of enjoying your content, and thus they spend time on your content, and read. For this to work, you must publish quality content on a regular basis. To increase traffic to your blog with direct visits, set up a newsletter. This is the best way to retain your readers.

Traffic Source 6: Digg and other article directories :

An excellent source of traffic at the beginning of your business, is to post articles on article directories. You can also choose to post "portions of articles" on specialized sites in your area. Interested visitors then will click on the link and view your blog. Some diggs as Scoopeo, Digg, Reedit, or LePost (What I love by the way), you can get many visitors, where your traffic is still low. This is a task that can be long, as soon as you can, give up there, or delegate it. In fact, after a while, this will represent a small portion of your traffic, when you get around 15 000 or 20 000 visitors per month for example.

Traffic Source 7: The partner sites :

Please also pass numerous partnerships with other specialized sites in the same industry as yours. You will be able to exchange traffic, and some of the visitors to your partner will eventually find interest in your blog. Guest Posting, link exchange, mentions in social networks or newsletters, affiliate ... many significant ways to increase traffic to his blog, quickly enough, and focused.

Traffic Source 8: Discussion forums :

Leave your opinion on discussion forums and let your bottom address in the signature (after a few answers), and effectively respond to certain questions. Discussions forums will, no doubt, bring you high traffic flow. The big advantage: a stream of targeted and highly relevant traffic to your website. Much of the visitors will find an interest in your website and then decide to return regularly. Be careful, do your advertising in forums, should be done in a non-promotional way!

Traffic Source 9: Other blogs :

You can leave comments (with your URL) on other blogs in your niche. Many targeted visitors, read the reviews, and if yours is relevant, you can enjoy these few visits. On the other hand, interesting and relevant comments, improve your expert status and visibility, as well as your SEO (For link).

Traffic Source 10: Youtube And Dailymotion :

Finally, do not hesitate to post videos on other sites such as Youtube by inserting your signature there in the video to invite visitors to visit your website. Tutorials, Web TV, Buzz ... create videos of interest to your target.

BONUS traffic Source: increase traffic to his blog with paid traffic

If you sell products, one of the fastest ways to increase traffic to your blog, and generate sales, is to create adwords campaign, Facebook, or whatever. The goal, to optimize your campaign enough and your landing pages to ensure that revenues from the sale are higher than the costs of advertising.

Always in charge, do not neglect the traditional marketing. If you have a blog on the guitar, put flyers in specialized music stores. Or, send your press releases to an agency to obtain interview in the media and in the specialized and general press. Releases are a great way to attract new visitors through a channel still underused for bloggers.

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