7 great tips to attract targeted traffic to your website

7 Tips On How To Get Targeted Traffic 

         I think the degree of conversion and loyalty are more important than traffic. But traffic is the basis ... we all need traffic. This is the vital energy of an online business. But what are the best ways to bring targeted traffic directly to your website? Here are 7 great tips to help you decide and test.

1- Advertising offline = online profits :

I already talked bonus in the previous article, and voila details. Whatever you want to sell online, it will most likely linked to an appropriate media offline. For example, if you sell bicycles on your website, there will certainly be a magazine where you can place an advertisement. The purpose of advertising is not to sell your product, but to ensure that prospects visit your site and sign up, you know. Your ad may therefore be just a few lines, allowing to buy at a reasonable price.

2- Publications for the curious :

Some people just want to know what is new, what comes and goes. To stay ahead in this information age, the press online and offline can offer treats that can even be picked up by the national press. If you just start your online business, launching a new product or create a new service, people will want to know. People like journalists, bloggers, news sites, etc.

If it's something you've never done before, take a look at some existing publications by going to Google and typing in "Sample Press Release". Once found the idea, write your press release, stating your details and the URL of your website, then go back to Google and type "news agencies". Many will charge for this service, but your publication can have a maximum coverage, online and offline. I commend you for your 24Presse releases.

3- Mailing Lists opt-in :

I flew in the "Recyler traffic" mailing list "opt-in" is one of the most effective ways to generate repeat business from your existing customer base. If your customers have already purchased once you and happy that this experience has, there's a good chance they go again because they will trust you. Recover emails by encouraging your customers to sign up for your newsletter or other promotional information. In exchange for a reduction, for example, a little something extra.

Otherwise, you can rent a mailing list opt-in. A carefully worded e-mail sent to people who have requested to receive more information about your products or services can lead to additional sales, but be prepared to pay a large sum for it, and people are not officially not always aware that their address was rented. So the idea is to make these people your own prospects.

4- Deliver your message directly to your customers :

As long as anyone can remember, a direct message in the form of mail, is one of the most effective forms of marketing and profitable ever. Many people have made millions through direct messages, and it is as effective today as it was 50 years ago. It is also relatively simple and inexpensive. First, create an introductory letter or brochure on a page detailing your products or services and all their benefits. For maximum effect, offer your new customers a discount or a product for free with their first purchase. If you already have a list, use direct mail (By mixing Word and Excel, for example) to customize your mail.

Remember, you want them to visit your website, so give them more than a good reason to do so. Next, rent a targeted mailing list from a reputable supplier. There are lists available, which cover all geographic and demographic statistics, so whatever your business, there will be a list that suits you. Send "invitations" and wait to see explode your clicks counter.

5- Marketing repository :

It's a simple strategy to refer clients to a linked site, but non-competitor in exchange for the same from them. Let's say you sell printers. Find quality sites that sell ink cartridges and contact their webmasters. Ask them if they would send their traffic if you do the same for them. Most agree, if necessary, through an affiliate partnership. Between you, you need to decide if you post advertisements or reciprocal if you opt for a written recommendation.

In all cases, this will increase your chances of attracting more traffic to your site because you have been recommended. And recommendation, has more effect than just advertising. You can find more sites related to yours and increase the traffic coming directly to you.

6- traffic Merchants :

Pay a company to send traffic to your website is a simple option, as the traffic is targeted. And that is a different story. Many companies specialize in selling traffic. They use all forms of online advertising to make people visit your site and generally guarantee the number of visitors. For about € 10 per month, you can have 10,000 visitors, it is tempting. Personally, I only use very few such sites to sites that are for just about everyone (Social Network, Informative Site ...). Good option to simulate a buzz of visitors but that's it. For example MyGlobalTrafic (That I tested at the time and which no longer exists), the bounce rate of 10 000 visitors, was between 90 and 95% ...

Although there is a choice between number of merchants, beware of scammers acting in this market. Some will take your money and put your ad on a free site (FFA - Free For All), leaving you then manage hundreds or thousands of spam emails from anyone trying to sell you their products.

7- Affiliate Programs :

You can not afford to ignore affiliate programs. Pay a commission to others that allow you to sell your products is tested exercise, approved and very profitable. Amazon was one of the first to make the popular affiliate on the internet and it has been fairly successful it! It really is at the top for your product, especially if you sell virtual products. The strong point is that once implemented, it works (almost) on autopilot. All you need to do then is to find your first affiliate and attract traffic to your affiliate offer. Your affiliates will advertise your products and send traffic to your website to complete the purchase in exchange for a commission.

Another interesting thing: You do not have to pay your affiliates, as you have not been paid. In addition, you save on advertising costs and the increase in activity on your website is good for your ranking on search engines. There are a variety of tracking software affiliate programs, able to track your sales and commissions, or if you prefer, you can hire a company, or sign up on a site to deal with any aspect of this your business for you.

 PostAffiliatePro is one of the most effective solutions. Otherwise, for websites, you can put your product on ClickBank or 1TPE (Take into account also the commission of such sites. And they only accept virtual products). If necessary, advertising platforms, such Netaffiliation or Tradedoubler can accommodate your product, and you must provide banners, emails ... There are many ways to sell your products by other people, and lots of ways to find volunteers affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing is fast becoming a science.

As you can see, to generate targeted traffic, there are no limits except your imagination. Moreover, some strategies are more suitable than others. Do not waste your time with the strategies that you are not profitable, or that you do not control, and focus on others. Then use your hard-earned cash flow, to risk you to master, new or those that were not profitable. And surrender completely, those that are not adapted.

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