Website SEO: 2 simple ways to get hundreds of Quality Backlinks

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Getting quality backlinks is vital in SEO and especially in the establishment of a netlinking strategy. I have already spoken of the sources of backlinks unknown or heap untapped cases. Today, you will discover two techniques for everyone that will allow you to get these valuable links to improve your ranking on Google.

I'll talk about techniques to get quality backlinks without much make you the head and without wasting time. So I will not drive open ... and we will not speak on methods such as:

  • blog comments
  • posts on the forums
  • Videotape
  • Etc
Before going into detail, I remind you that the links are not enough. No need to waste your time searching hundreds of links to a site without content or with little added value. For effective SEO and can be placed in the top 20 Google results for the keywords you are targeting, you must:

  • Have a perfectly optimized site architecture for SEO
  • Regularly publish quality content
  • Get social shares from influencers
  • Get many quality backlinks from various sources

1. Install an affiliate network (even fake)

Install an affiliate network is a simple way to get those valuable backlinks that will help you improve your SEO. In fact, if you have it, your affiliates will own sites in the same industry as yours. In addition, a good place affiliate links containing optimized anchor (with the keyword you are targeting) within an article. So you will have all the ingredients of a good link:

  • optimized anchor and varied
  • semantic environment
  • intext link from a complementary site
  • links from sites with different IP addresses in your country
But that's not all. Some affiliates will dofollow links (not followed Google) and other nofollow. Which is fine because we certainly do not want to send a signal to Google as what you are trying to fool him.

How to set up an affiliate network to improve your SEO?

I will not go into the tool-term technical but I advise you to opt for a house affiliate program. So, you have full control over the generated affiliate links. You can even set if they are dofollow or nofollow, you choose the format of the urls etc.

Here's how to reach your goals positioning on Google:
  • Create a partners page
  • Explain how to make connections
  • Provide links automatically generated with the nickname of the affiliate. It only has to copy and paste a snippet of code
  • Make a list of links anchors
  • Call a developer to rotate these links. The goal is that keywords anchors are not all the same for all affiliates. You can aim 50% of interesting keywords and 50% for keywords only the name of your site.
  • Understanding to affiliates that link contained within text as a case study will provide more commissions (and it's better for your SEO)
  • Ensure that the URLs generated by your own software

2. Offer wordpress themes and free plugins

Providing free themes and plugins WordPress has a double advantage: the collection of prospects and backlinks. Indeed, providing quality themes and plugins, you will attract many people. For the theme or plugin, users will have to complete a form which allows you to grow your prospect list. Then, interest in the SEO of your site is the insertion of backlinks on each theme, it's a little different for plugins.

Specifically, each person who will install your theme will display a backlink to your site, often placed at the bottom of the theme with a mention like "Name of theme created by Contractor name."

For this strategy to work and you can get hundreds of quality backlinks, here are some rules to follow:
  • Rotate the anchors keywords. For example, you can ask a developer to change the anchor link appears for every 50 people who downloaded the theme
  • Rotate the landing pages. It would be a shame to send all the backlinks to the home page of your site. Take the opportunity to create a random function that turns the links to your pages
I can assure you that both such techniques will dramatically boost the ranking of your site. So yes, as usual, it requires a bit of work and budget. I can not say it enough, nothing is free and there is no miracle methods!

So By Following These 2 Simple ways you Can Get Hundreds Of Quality Backlinks.

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