3 WordPress SEO plugins to improve the ranking of your keywords

wordpress seo plugins

WordPress SEO is not as easy as it sounds. It is vital to have a good website architecture, quality and good netlinking regular content. That said, some SEO Plugins can save you valuable time in your SEO actions.

In this article, you'll see:
  • WordPress plugin that allows you to find the perfect keywords for each article you write
  • The perfect plugin to enrich your category pages and use them to optimize your blog on new keywords
  • The ideal tool to create a mini blog network from your categories

1- Wordpress Keyword Tool

Every blogger should have the keyword search plugin. In fact, every time you write an article, you should take the time to analyze the best keywords, those who can bring you more traffic. Many bloggers do this work for their home page but not for each of their articles. They write articles without really knowing if it will bring them traffic or not. The "Wordpress Keyword Tool" plugin allows you to find the perfect word for each of your articles.

keyword finder wordpress

No need to waste time go to the keyword tool Google Adwords, everything goes from your WordPress interface. As soon as you enter a new title in your WordPress interface, "Wordpress Keyword Tool" automatically finds and displays the best keywords. You can then automatically add these words in tags and optimize your article on these specific words.

This plugin will save time while allowing you to optimize your articles on desired keywords by your readers.

You may download the plugin here.

2- Category Article Pro

This plugin adds a custom field in the WordPress editor so you can add text to your pages categories. This helps to contextualize the pages to improve your SEO.

The classes are very useful for optimizing a blog. That said, a category page that simply list items no added value and is absolutely not optimized for SEO. It is therefore vital to add text on top of your category pages to give them more visibility while making them unique with less duplicate content.

Category Article Pro

The plugin Category Article Pro lets you add the famous unique texts at the top of your category pages without touching the PHP files. You can add simple text to insert in h1 or h2 tags. You can even add images and specific links. This SEO plugin is really essential to improve your WordPress SEO without using the services of a developer.

The plugin is very complete and does not just allow you to add text to your pages categories. You can also enrich by adding images and links.

3- Category Subdomain Pro

This plugin allows you to convert any category of your WordPress subdomain. This can be very useful to improve the SEO of your blog without harming your content. You can use it to create an e-commerce space on your blog or to give more impact and visibility to your biggest category. It is also very useful to install a proxy page on your result without changing the layout of your blog.

Category Subdomain pro

The plugin allows you to create as many subdomains as you want. This plugin is ideal if voting blog discusses several different topics or if you want to create a mini blog network. Indeed, in some cases, it may be wise to divide your blog in blog so that each is optimized for a specific semantic environment. For example, if you have a large blog that deals with sports, you can create a subdomain for bodybuilding and another for an e-commerce store.

You may download the plugin here.

By Using These Wordpress SEO Plugins You Can Easily Rank Your Keywords.

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