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The content marketing has become a must for most online businesses, regardless of size. Even if you are advertising on the Internet and you are active on social media, content marketing will bring natural traffic. But what I like is that you prove your expertise through your content. Therefore you are not in the hard sell.

I have prepared a list of 37 questions you should ask yourself before creating new content for your Content marketing strategy. The goal is that your content reach their goals of getting traffic or evidence of your expertise.

Article Title

1. Are the users may enter your title in Google? If this is the case, you will have more natural traffic! Of course, do not focus on this because it is also the title is catchy.

2. Is the title of your article arouses curiosity? If this is the case you will have more clicks. Titles like "do not do that before seeing this" work wonders in terms of click through rate.

3. Your headline is it short and explicit in a few words? If it is too long and greater than 57 characters, it will be cut in the search results of Google. But you can sometimes write long titles and more complete your description it makes two lines.

4. Your title is explicit? I advise against overly technical words. The user needs to know what to expect before they click on your title.

5. Do you use emotion? This type of security challenges some people and this increases your CTR (ratio of impressions and number of click).

6. Your title contains the searched keywords in your industry? If this is not the case you will have much less traffic.

You are not required to comply with these conditions for all your articles. SEO is one thing but we also know how to write articles deeper and less popular. In short, I advise you to write 30% of articles dedicated to your content marketing strategy and 70% for your loyal readers.

The beginning of the article

The beginning of an article is like a sales pitch! It must arouse the curiosity of the Internet and announce the content of the page. Without giving too much away in order not to lose readers who would not feel concerned after reading your introduction!

7. Your readers are they stuck? The goal is to attract the attention of readers and show them that what they read is unique, they will not find that everywhere.

8. The introduction is it short? While it is important to look after the beginning of the article to generate interest, do not write more than one paragraph and make short. In this section I suggest you explain why the advice found everywhere do not give results.

9. Your introduction sums up the content? I suggest you just use the chips. For example, in this article, you will discover ... followed by a chip that summarize each important point.

10. Do you use an image? I advise you to use an explicit image at the beginning of each of your articles. It helps attract the most visual users.

The body section

11. do you use headings? The headings (to be h2 or h3) clarify the content and help make it more attractive. It also allows users to review the article easier before starting to read it.

12. Your paragraphs are they too long? Higher paragraphs 8 see 10 lines hinder readability of an article.

13. Users can they project? You do not write for you but for your readers. Avoid using too much personal pronouns. This article is not for you by me ;)

14. Put your questions epigraphs you? This brings out the important elements not to be missed in your articles.

15. Do you use the story telling? It is easier to attract the attention of a reader when he tells a story of interest.

16. Do you use multimedia elements? Videos and images to improve the quality and relevance of your content.

17. Are you clear? If you include too much talk, you lose a drive package. Make sure you get to the point.

18. Do you try to intellectualize? I suggest you keep it simple and straight to the point. You do not publish a thesis but content to your target.

19. Your article is it likely? If possible, make sure to use the news of your industry to support your statements and provide value.

20. Do you appeal to emotion? Good content appeals to the emotions of your readers. Whatever the emotion is positive or negative.

21. Your content is well formatted it? The appearance is paramount for better readability. Consider using bulleted lists, subheadings, etc. of justification

22. Get links to useful resources? If it makes sense, do not hesitate to make links to additional reference content to yours.

23. Mention you experts? Quoting some experts in your industry enhance the credibility of your words. And by the way, it can bring you some backlinks.

24. Do you use facts? Some people need figures, studies and statistics to take you seriously. Make to support your statements with these elements.

The end of the article

The end of the article is vital. That's when you need to make your readers act. You can offer them to obtain additional content by subscribing to a newsletter, for example.

25. Do you get article with a question? This is a very good way to do your readers and create a discussion. You should always make sure to include your readers.

26. Can you summarize the main points of your article? Ideally, you should be able to summarize the elements of your article in a paragraph.

27. Your resume he exceeds 300 characters? If this is the case I suggest you short. A clear section must be summarized short way.

28. Are you open to debate? Although I always advocate to have a definite opinion, it is important to give the floor to your readers and to be open to debate.

29. Is the end of your article encouraged to read it? Many internet users will go directly to the end of the article to see your resume. We must therefore draw your conclusion to encourage people to read the article!

Promote your content

In content marketing, 70% of the job is to make it known! And yes, write good content is one thing but if no one knows ...

30. Is the timing right? The time and date of publication are decisive. Analyze Google Analytics statistics of your old content to identify the right time. And be logical!

31. Or publish the article? I advise you to publish some of your best content on other sites. This will allow you to share your expertise, to attract new players and improve your SEO via obtaining backlinks.

32. Do you have a strategy for collecting emails? Your good content should be used to grow your prospect list. If you have spent two hours writing an article, take 20 minutes to create a form that prompts action.

33. Do you offer something of value in exchange for a subscription? It is not enough to provide the readers to register for the newsletter! They must be offered an additional high-value content as a webinar, a series of video and others.

34. Do you encourage social sharing? Each article should have an interest. If your goal is to get a maximum of visitors, be sure to insert social share buttons at the top and bottom of the article.

35. Do you use social tags? Each of your articles should contain a Twitter board. It brings out the articles on social networks.

36. Mention you experts on social Media? When you share an article on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, I advise you to mention an expert by asking her opinion. This creates commitment and to get more shares.

37. You used all available formats? When publishing good content, I advise you to turn it into a slide in-book, computer graphics and video. This allows you to be more visible and get more backlinks.


By asking questions, you increase your chances of acquiring targeted traffic. When writing content, you should consider how your visitors apprehend. You should also keep in mind that the story telling works well for a sales pitch for an article. Remember not to spend time to promote your content. You must spend at least half of the time allotted for your content to its promotion.

Do you have other tips for a successful content marketing strategy? If yes then Comment them Here!

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