How to have quality content: The base of SEO

Quality Content

How to Have Quality Content

          Forget everything else, pages optimization, keywords, etc, which is what you need to work on priority is quality content. Of course, we must not neglect other aspects, however, that the search engines love, especially Google, this is a site that has tons and tons of content, and above all, quality content. A website does not exist in the long term without being well referenced, and the base of SEO is to have quality content. Okay that everyone begins to know, but then how do you have quality content, and that appeals to Internet users (and at the same time to google)

- Write sheets for each product. Sheets 300 to 700 words, taking care to have roughly 5 times your keyword in your text.

- Allow comments. on your products in order to have the opinion of your customers. Aa both performed command, you can send them an email asking them to publish a comment on the product. (When ordering on Trade Street site, that's exactly what happened to me).

- Heal access to your articles: It must be accessible, you can also offer items such as "these items may interest you too." Indeed, this will add you quality internal links.

- Create peripheral sites: Apart from your main site, you need to have other sites that talk about you .. It is a way of getting "backlinks" and for visitors, it proves that you are pretty professionals for references outside of your site.

- Get articles about blogging: Your content is also growing on other sites, not just yours. Contact bloggers in your niche, offer them to write an article on you, or send it done. In exchange for free products, partnership, etc.

Get quality content for their site is to create a network on your site and outside, where your content will be visible

          If you want to know more about how to develop your content, take the example of large e-commerce sites such as ebay, amazon ... See what their web presence, what other sites speak for themselves, how it organizes its content, how it updates it ...

If you have a news site: Type blog or newspaper

Here, you can imagine that your site will be the same content. You will have no problem to develop. You can use the forms set out above: Organize access to your items (menu, sub menus, etc.), use the reviews, update very often get articles from other blogs ... here d other tips for writing the content:

- Socialize your website: Get Internet articles is a great way to share the work. See how the site LePost quickly became a reference, it is very well referenced, and both the team as Internet users posting items.

- An expression keyword page: Do not try to pack the key word page, focus on the theme of the article, for example this one: How to get content.

- Do not overload your page: A page full of the same keyword, will serve to nothing for the user. It's the same thing for google. Even if you have to keep in mind the optimization of pages, write for your users. So check that your key word is not present more than 10 times (5 times for an article of 250 words)

- Put the information at the beginning: Google takes into account that the first 250 words of your page for your SEO. Put relevant information at first. This does not mean that you should limit your article to 250 words, on the contrary, google will say "there are 250 interesting words, and besides, there are many more! "So treat your first 250 words, and do not hesitate to write more, 500 to 700 words is a good average, but there are no limits.

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