How to increase traffic to Your blog


How to increase traffic to his blog ?

          Increase traffic to his blog is not as simple as that is on paper, but is not a confused science. I consider that a blog is a support (sometimes sub prime sometimes), and should be treated like any other company support.
Thus, (almost) all the techniques and strategies applicable to a website, a company can be applied to your blog. I'll regroup here different strategies to increase traffic to a blog.

Techniques and strategies to increase traffic to his blog

          On the Web, there are five pillars to work to increase its traffic, be seen and be seen, four strategic points that will help you become a reference:

1. Content :
          Content is the most important for me to develop. The most important asset of a website after its user base is its content. The first successful sites have become famous literally publishing content (lots of content) quality and nothing else. The content is referenced, which attracts visitors, partners, advertisers, and thus the popularity increases, SEO also, etc. Causing a snowball effect. Whatever you do, plan weekly publications content on your blogs and web sites:

- Publish quality content
- Use video to convince

2. Referencing :

          With all the websites that exist today, the quality is improving, free tools that make it all much easier to do, it makes the world who wants to have visitors. And among the best sources of traffic, there Google. While Google remains a support among all the others, it is still visited by a support almost all, almost every day. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL to be there! When a user is looking for a website that's where he goes first. Be the first to appear at the onset of the need:

- 3 key points for listing your website
- Optimize your website for SEO
- Strategies to get inbound links (backlinks)

3. Advertising :

          A company needs to invest! And advertising is one of the investments to make to develop. A blog is a site like no other, no rule prevents advertising. It is thought less often, because it is often managed by a single person, sometimes amateur. To let you know, you have to multiply your presence. And even if some media are free, advertising before commissioning is ALWAYS pay, and that's normal. Even Google, highlights the paid results against natural results. When your funnel is profitable, consider investing your income by paid advertising or free advertising time:

- Create profitable Adwords campaigns
- Promote yourself with forums

4. Alliances :

          Another very aspect overlooked by bloggers to increase traffic to his blog, yet preferred by contractors. No one can succeed alone, there is always a moment, a boost from someone. Use your efforts to become a man / brand value, and where you can share this value with someone, you can ask for something in return. And create partnerships to help each other, for the aspect that you need to develop:

- Advice to create partnerships

5. Social networks :

          And finally the last point, it is the networks. Social networks, because after Google, are the websites where people used to hang. People have accounts, and are recurring users because it is a customized site (their content, their data, their information). If people spend time there, it means that you must also spend time there. Not to sell, but to make you see. Being present on the major networks is sure to occupy the same space small, in the minds of your prospects:

- How to increase Facebook fans
- Increase traffic to his blog with YouTube

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