The 4 most important criteria of SEO

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        As I realize that readers of this blog are discovering majority SEO, I decided to give them a good foundation from which the subject of this article. In addition, I also realized that many regulars, and even experienced some debate on the most important criteria of SEO. Thus, this article is inclusive and allows to take back to better tackle the task.

1- The content :

Once you open a book or web page on learning SEO, we always find in the first lines the phrase "content is king". Indeed, content is king, it is the central element of your site. It was in this pool that Google will search the keywords you have placed. By definition, for I hear the text content and images. You understand the logic of my argument without content there can not be any SEO. In addition, search engines are very demanding. But not just any unique content (which is not duplicated) and quality content (original topic, relevant keywords). The keyword selection you make will be decisive in the success of this first test, to the delight of your visitors, who will find quality content.

2- The structure :

After content, up to its structure. The structure of a page to optimize your content and prioritize in order of importance. The structure allows you to guide Google in visiting your site. To have a concrete vision, you can using the webmaster tools show how the engine sees your page. The display does not take into account the design, but only the text. And so, Google route your text from top to bottom, from most important to least important.

Let the steps. To optimize your page (take the example of a page and not a site), you must write your content. To do this, identify important keywords representing the topic of your page, between 5 and 10 or more to your liking. So you just set a semantic field, you will need to divide your page. Let's start from the top down:

You can specify keywords from the URL. For example the URL for this page is "".

The structure "hn"
Your page should consist of securities. The first, the most important is to be written between 2 tags <h1> </ h1>. For subtitles, it will be <h2> </ h2>, and so on up to 6 levels. The text in each security it will be between the <p> </ p>.

The words "SEO"
The words "SEO", although in quotes, the engine indicates the important words. They therefore appear in bold, but in truth it is not for style or design. It is indeed to tell the engine the important words. To do this, specify between 2 tags <strong> </ strong>. The mistake here is to write a <b>, or use CSS to not indicate an important word but just a bold effect. I think you understand the subtlety and interest.

Internal links
The links you make between page are important because they indicate to Google the way it must continue to follow.

3- External links or Backlinks :

With the content and structure, you are busy in your site. Optimization we speak of "on-site". She is, you guessed fundamental. This is the basis that will determine what now follows for criteria 3 and 4: optimization "off-Site" Links are the strongest criterion of Seo. Google keeps telling us to work these links rather than other things. An external link is the link provided by another site that redirects we say professional term that points towards your page. So you mentioned, which means that you have quality content.

Google will appreciate it and you know it. These links are hard to get, and you get back here in another dimension of SEO

4- Social Media :

As often in matters of SEO, the latter are not the least important (last but not least!). Their role changed dramatically over the last three years, so we predicted that they can take power on Google ... In fact, they are your content relays, the meeting place of your visitors and the place where can play your reputation. SEO becomes collaborative, it depends on the other. So the goal here is to attract a community on your social networking pages, facebook, twitter, google plus or others, to interest and loyalty. That is to animate your community, information, games or any other means that out of your creativity. As well as managing social media is difficult, only creative works.

Conclusion :

These four most important criteria define four stages in the end. Indeed, by performing one after the other, you will get to get good positioning and satisfactory conversions. Soon, you will discover that there are many way to quickly achieve these steps, with unnatural methods. For the content is repeated keywords (the number of occurrence is not taken into account by Google), the <hn> too long (remember that it must be of titles), links external between your own sites ... well everything "over-optimized", using the words of Google. SEO is primarily manual labor. All these criteria are important, do not underestimate and do not confuse speed with haste.

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