How to make money with a Blog ?

On the internet there are those who say that a website is useless, a WordPress blog is enough to make money, and even earn a lot of money. On the other hand, some followers Webmasters passive income, say that making money with a blog, is really as easy as a website! True or false?
What you should know is that a blog is a website like another! From there, it works exactly the same, and can generate the same income

Knowing this, it changes everything! It would mean that I have to work on a website, as I have to work on a blog? That's right! For whatever form that takes your business on the internet you have to work hard on these two points to make money with a blog:

- Content
- Of Popularity
- From the profitability

The content and popularity, are part of the three essential elements to optimize for a good SEO.

If you have a blog, you should write write and write again, if you have a website, publish pages publish pages and even more pages.
If you have a blog, you will leave comments, make partnerships, if you have a website, you will find backlinks, make partnerships.

Making money with a blog, some do!

1 - Generate a stream of rough visitors:

At the beginning of your business, getting your first visit will not be difficult. When you begin to publish, with SEO, your Twitter account, and your links, you can easily reach 100 visits per month. But your first goal should be 500 visits per day, nearly 15,000 visits per month! (This would correspond in advertising, about 100 euros per month, if your website is well optimized)
To generate a recurring stream of visitors, publish the most articles of quality. You will start gradually be referenced. Get links and partnerships to increase your popularity. As in, you will have a constant and recurring visits, without having to be behind your computer!

2 - Invest in improvements:

Use your first income, to pay providers, renew your design, pay an autoresponder ... And if you have not done before, give a picture of you with the most professional.

3 - Create a database of subscribers:

I would say it is one of the first thing to put up on your blog, your visitors database. This is usually a cost, but a cost necessary for the survival of your business. Some webmasters do live with the database they have created. Again, here's the tool that I recommend and uses: Aweber

4 - Get your training:

As a specialist, you probably have something to teach your visitors. One of the best way to do this is to create a training video, or a white or ebook book. A design training, training for weight loss and sports, training to learn guitar ... according to your niche. If your visitors like your free content, they will be very happy to know that you are out training for them. Put in place on your site, to manage purchases automatically. Your first buyers will be your fans. Then your visitors constantly come from SEO, or even your popularity.
And voila, you are creating an automatic machine to win money! A blog!

How long does it take?

It depends on your priorities, and your motivation. In 6 months you can start earning money (a little), but in 6 months you will not be able to generate an automatic asset. Rather than give you an idea in terms of time, we'll talk in terms of the article, and SEO.

From 50 articles, you become credible and start having engine traffic. From 100 articles, you get several top positions on the long tail, and some double queries. From 200 articles, you should reach 500 hits a day, if you've done your job of popularity standpoint. From 500 items, your flow of visitors from the engine becomes more constant. From 1000 to 2000 products, you should have your automatic machine in place!

Two small additional tips:

- Do not ignore the external links. They will very often the difference between the first and second page. For Google, the linking is really VERY IMPORTANT.

- Do not overlook partnerships. Deliver win-win partnerships with other blogs. In order to recover the visitors. Including through the affiliate ... If you make the product creation your priority, your number of visitors and especially fans, is expected to increase even more rapidly.

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