How to position themselves on the 1st page of Google: The Simple Recipe

SEO is not some sort of magic trick or surprise that we see happen overnight. But this is not a complex science, impossible to implement. This is a "recipe" to know, and to apply step. A recipe, still unknown in its entirety, which is changing every day, and which requires a lot of work!

Recipe of good positioning

1) Optimization of dynamic pages:

         Downloaded the All In One SEO plugin pack, and Meta SEO Pack for WordPress. In All In One SEO Pack, I can define the titles, descriptions, and other of my articles. So I prefer the title items like title page, rather than the title of my website. And at the end of each title, the name of my site (which is also a part of the keyword, and it is not a coincidence). The default settings of the plugin, are usually optimized in advance. You could use this plugin, but I use Meta SEO Pack for one additional reason: The Metas Robots. (Which gives me the opportunity to not index any article). Very useful if I want to create private pages, I do not want Google to make public.

2) Optimization of pages:

      Here I will manually include the keyword "Blogging Solutions" in my home page by title, h1 tag, and elsewhere in the page. Generally, a density of 2 to 4% compared to your text is a good figure, although for a home page, it is difficult to reach that figure without dirtying design.

And then, I make sure my also include keyword or part, in my other pages. For example, in almost every article I write a short conclusion like "My WebMarketing". Sometimes the keyword WebMarketing Blog, etc, so this one is also present and recognized throughout your content. I thus increases the presence of my keyword, or part of my keyword, throughout the site.

Optimizing pages for your keywords, it is also complete the "alt text" tag of your images (the alt tag)

PS: The higher the keyword is at the beginning of your title, the greater its weight.

3) Publish content regularly:

      It is only since I started publishing regular way items (2 to 3 times a week), I started to see results on my positioning. Google take into account the update frequency index for you, and he loves the dynamic sites.

4) Increase the content:

      A site of 100 pages, necessarily more weight than site 2 pages. So the site will have more items, more position may increase. For Google, content is king. Despite this, you may notice that the site contains significantly fewer items than other blogs. This is offset by the size of the items.

5) Write medium length articles:

      Instead of Articles 200 or 300 words, Usually try to have a minimum of 500 words, and from time to time, articles of 2,000 words or more. For Google, these items will be a gold mine for visitors. If you post important content, then Google will say that you probably write some interesting things. For cons, I seriously think about changing this habit. For  well aware that this kind of article for a blog, although extremely rich in information, is boring to die ...

6) Present on social networks:

       I have included the buttons Retweets, Facebook sharing, and Google +1, and I post articles on Twitter, with Twitter Tool. Now, Google considers these links shared on social networks. So this is an additional aid to the site SEO. (And your articles, by the way)

7) Check and improve website:

With for example, you can see the score of your site and improve it, to make it more specific to SEO. A few simple things, such as the volume of text, alt tags for images, the size of your title, description ... may allow you to pick up a few places for a tiny change.

PS: Do not forget that over a domain name gets older, he gets more confidence in Google. So patience!

How to position themselves on the 1st page of Google: The Simple Recipe How to position themselves on the 1st page of Google: The Simple Recipe Reviewed by Aqib Anjum on March 02, 2015 Rating: 5
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