Meta tags , what is it? And what's the point in SEO ?

meta tags

What is a meta tag? And what are they in SEO?

Meta tags are html code and have several roles.

-Give The title of a page.

-Provide Information about its content.

-Make Redirects to another page.

A small list of meta tags :

                                          I'll give you a small list of meta tags without going into details and without meaning. Here It is:

- Title tag, meta description tag, meta keywords tag (which no longer counts in SEO) robots meta tag, meta tag original source meta tag geolocation, notranslate meta tag, meta charset tag, meta refresh tag, meta tag syndication source.

What are meta tags in SEO?

                                           Meta tags give search engines information on your page. And this is an important criterion for good reference your blog because they use it like "try" (in part) the quality of your page.

But be aware that not all are useful for SEO. So I linger on me 3 meta tags on which I can enlighten you. Also be aware that the rule is to put your keywords when you fill those tags.

- The title tag is the one that allows you to specify the title of the page that is displayed in the title bar. And also when you search is the title of the article in bold. For the title to appear here, fill the title tag. About me I do not do it manually, but with my seo plugin.

I should point out though that I put in the meta tag, but according to my research, this is a tag but not a meta tag.

- The meta description tag is the tag that is used to specify the description in the results of search engines.

- The robots meta tag is the tag that can give restrictions on robots of search engines on your page. These restrictions are among others (the list is not exhaustive):

noindex: do not index the page.

nofollow: it means that you put the links to other pages or sites in your article does not contribute to the optimization of these sites. In other words the link that points to the site / page in question is no use in SEO.

index: you must index the page.

follow: the link is counted for site referencing to which it points.

... But how to fill these useful meta tags SEO

Well, the solution would be to simply use a plugin to fill them. You'll just have to fill in the boxes and the software or plugin will do it for you. This is made for that.

There all in one seo, seo platinum and even wordpress seo.

So much for small review. In another article I will explain more generally how I reference my articles or rather how to reference their website / blog.

Did you know the meta tags and their usefulness? Do you have something to add?

Tell me in the comments below! 

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