The impact of social Media on SEO

social media seo

Let's see how social media can impact the positioning of a site on Google.

All social Media do not have the same operation.

Is it useful to recall that all social Media are not used to the same thing?

Some tend to cram into the same bag of tools that have nothing to do with each other. Indeed difficult to find common ground between MySpace and Twitter, if only they are used from a computer or a smartphone.

The only thing that unites these tools like Facebook, Linkedin and Orkut is that they allow you to create a virtual network of relationships.

But how does it improve my position?

Simply, it does not improve anything. This is not the network that improves anything, that's what you make it.

As in real life, interacting with people who have the same interests as you facilitate the distribution of your information. But disseminate information that will interest anyone a masterful flop.

Define a strategy and stick to it.

These tools are designed to allow you to exchange with others. The first question to ask is, which should be the others? It is then usually the content of the information you post will determine the target.

On Twitter, I deliberately decided to primarily disseminate information relating to SEO. As a result, people who subscribe to my profile are people who are interested in this subject (colleagues, potential customers). In this sense, they will be an extraordinary relay to allow me to broadcast certain messages well beyond the scope I could hit myself.

Whatever your field, I would advise to publish almost exclusively (say 85%) on this theme, this will strengthen your expert role. In my case, retweets and shares it possible to give a much larger scope than me alone with sections of my blog or news agency. Of course, I also tweet useful content from other sites.

For a brand, Twitter or Facebook will therefore be excellent vehicles to interact with your users.

What impact on the positioning of my sites?

When I tweet information including a link to one of my articles to a news agency website, the resumption of this tweet (and link) will give a human bond that information. The link remains nofollow and will not bring any juice to my site, so no direct impact in terms of SEO hardcore.

In contrast, the dissemination of information allows me to reach a wide audience (which would not necessarily have read my articles). Of these, bloggers and among these bloggers, I have frequently seen some of them include a link to one of my articles they had discovered a tweet. The loop is closed, I can make real connections and thus improved my visibility on Google if my tweets generated links.

Google Plus it's probably a little more direct. In online mode, people who follow you will see your content more easily stressed by Google if you insert the rel = author

And some began to sell wine and follower ...

Given the enthusiasm for social networks, some have sensed the bargain and take advantage of the ignorance of some companies to sell their example of Facebook fans.
It is sure it is right to say "I have 15,000 fans."
Ok, but how these relate 15000 fans? Nothing!

Only the true followers, true fans and friends count. It is they voluntarily enrolled in your profile is of interest in your communication, because they can / want to share with you. These followers and fans there are like gold because they bear your good far more than you ever thought possible word. But the fan that we bought is not worth a byte.
Note also that Google has the means to control the "quality" of an account. Number of fans or followers, retweets or number of shares, like, more. Guarantees from "qualified" are probably much higher.
In this sense, automated accounts created by our friends BH have a very relative importance.

Positioning, but also exchange and more

In parallel, a number of sites reflect the information ... and links posted on these tools, and there are some dofollow ...

But beyond that, you will see that weaving your network, you go to a community that will be happy to give you help. I am always surprised by the number and quality of responses when I stumble on one point and I called for help on Twitter. Followers, I love you

of course, the converse is required. Need I remind you that it is fashionable to provide assistance when one of your followers or fans pose a question for which you have the answer?

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