How to improve your ranking through inbound links ?

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Once you have created your website, you have one of the most important and the most difficult to address: improve SEO. For this, different optimizations must be put in place. In this article, we will address a key aspect of your SEO: inbound links.

What is an incoming link ?

Incoming Link's Are Those Link's That's Come's From Some ones website to your website.
The number of backlinks is a determining factor for your SEO. More quality links your rate will be High, the better your site will be considered popular and therefore better optimized.

The importance of inbound links ?

Since 2004, Google takes into account new data for indexing sites, such as dates of creation and posting, date of the first link to the page, the number of links based on creation date so forth.
The links Google is of primary importance: a decrease in the link rate may indicate that the page has become obsolete and is no longer updated.
The disappearance of a link may indicate that the page has been deleted or replaced with other content.
Conversely, a sharp increase in bonds rates over a short period may mean that the page has a buzz effect or there was fraud.

Where to Create inbound links?

The original page is called the page where you will insert link vote. It shall have a good reputation have good Page Rank (popularity index) and deal with a topic related to the destination page. It should not have too many outgoing links.

How to create a good incoming link?

The link text (called anchor link) is important for your SEO. For example, words or Link Click here or any other generic term and low end will be much less effective in terms of SEO as specific and precise terms related to the topic of the landing page. For the same reasons, it is better to focus on text links as links to images. In the case of image links, it is necessary to specify an alternative text (alt attribute) to optimize the link at best.
Also remember to vary the anchor of your links. Indeed, always use the same anchor may seem suspicious to Google and be penalized. Use different synonyms keywords that allow you, again, to exploit the long tail (long list of keywords used a little less).

Hardlinks / Nofollow

Back links must be "hard" (do not go through a redirection script) and should not be nofollow. In the latter case, the link will have no impact on SEO. Indeed, the nofollow attribute allows the site owner to tell the search engine not to follow those links. This mode allows sites offering visitors to participate in the content (forum, comments, social networks, etc.) to guard interests whose goal is only the backlinks placement (spam links). This does not mean you have to neglect these nofollow links. Indeed, they will still bring traffic to your site and it remains your main goal.

Get backlinks

Multiple tracks can be used to get backlinks.
A common practice is to exchange links and partnerships. By contacting related sites on the same subject, the SEO of your site and the site will be upgraded friend. Nevertheless, make sure that the exchange is fair (the number and placement of links should be related to the popularity of pages).
Then you have your site promotes the creation of natural link. For this, your website should add value that will bring other sites to create links. The addition of exclusive content and regular updating of your content and allow you to increase your number of backlinks and thus improve your SEO (SEO) of your site and reputation.
We have seen, SEO is a substantive matter on which it is important to constantly go back. You now have an additional angle of approach to put you to work. Do not wait to work your links rates and improve your SEO.

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