8 sites to generate a favicon for a blog

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A favicon is a small icon placed in the address bar of most browsers. It appears when you arrive on a site or a blog that offers one. Today, I propose you to discover 8 sites to generate a favicon for a blog. They allow you to quickly create a favicon and get an HTML code. Once you create your favicon.ico file, you send it to the root of your Web site and place the small piece of code that goes in the header ...
  • Favicon.cc a site which allows you to import an image or create a favicon from scratch. You can add animations as well as exploring the work of others.
  • Favicon Generator: my favorite tool to generate a favicon! I use it for every new little icon that I want to do. Moreover, it is in creating this article I decided to change my old favicon 3 years! Favicon Generator is the simplest and fastest of this selection tool.
  • Genfavicon: send an image from your computer or from a URL, select the format and upload your favicon. You can not create it from scratch but the tool allows for a favicon in 16 × 16, 32 × 32, 48 × 48, 64 × 64 or 128 × 128.
  • Favigen: a simple site that lets you send an image of any size) and convert favicon.
  • Dagondesign: This tool allows you to upload an image (JPG, PNG or GIF) and convert it into a favicon file 16 × 16.
  • Degraeve: create or send an image to convert it to a file favicon 16 × 16 is a breeze with this site.
  • OnlineIconMaker: a small editor allows you to create a favicon with a few color palettes.
  • DynamicDrive: You can upload an image in gif, jpg, png or bmp (limited 150 KB) and generate a favicon for your blog.
Which site do you use to generate a favicon?

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