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How to increase Facebook fans

        Facebook can be a real springboard for your website or business. It is said that the "price of a fan" on Facebook is estimated at $ 2.5 per fans. It depends of course of your business, products you sell, and the number of fans you have. But know that there is only one message on Facebook, can directly come thousands of fans on your site, and to buy your products. You say you are reading this title, I'm crazy or that I just trying to get attention, however, this method has proven itself, and I will explain in detail how to get 1 million fans on Facebook, with the example of course.

The Original steps to get fans on Facebook:

- The basis for obtaining start your fans on Facebook is to create your fan page, but mostly to create your ideology, your intrinsic quality. An ideology, instead of the name of your site. You must answer the questions: What / Who / Where / When / How / How much about your product. (What is it, for whom, when I sell it, on what occasion, by what means, how much I sell).

The answers to these questions will help you find your keywords. All key words that will match your website. For this, use Google Keyword Tool, also, think about what people would write to find you.

You have the answer to your questions, you have your keywords, now find the "key phrases" you need. For example, my main key phrase is "How to make themselves known on the internet and monetize your website."

Basic to all this, you must find your ideology. And on Facebook, you will communicate your ideology rather than your company name. This is not an easy job, far from it. Example: You have a site about love, your ideology can be, "Make love, not war" (A very famous hippie ideology). Or "Two is better." In a way, your fans will want to identify in a "group" by clicking on your little button "Like".

PS: A little touch of humor, curiosity, will help get fans of benefits.

(For example, "Staying in bed 5 minutes after the alarm rang")

- Then work on the site, and produce the content. The much content as possible, 100, 500, 1000 pages, all you can to bring added value to your site. To learn how to get content, read my article on How to have quality content

- Finally, expand your external content. Be there on other sites, forums, comment ... You can also create other sites related to your core business. Ten, fifty sites ... Get backlinks, make partnerships, contact the bloggers ...

- Find sources of income: Start adding advertising, or other, be inventive. This can be a selling basic products, service ... TonWebMarketing for example, a source of income is the sale of products or services, other advertising, another is the web consultation ... Do not hesitate to be more original than that. (Writing Articles / Selling content / Selling T-Shirts ...) If you do not have sources of income, your fan page will not be profitable.

you have prepared the ground, you can now start your exploration fans on Facebook. The last two steps on creating content, can be at the same time, just I think personally that when you touch anything traffic acquisition, it is better to have something really substantial, to do not lose visitors who come to the site.

The steps to get 1 million fans on Facebook

- 0 to 100 fans:

- Create a page with your ideology, and send it to your friends already on Facebook, and your contacts.

- From 100 to 1000 fans:

- Invite your current database on Facebook, your prospect list, and put a link on your site, as well as your parallel sites. Link to facebook also after your prospects are subscribers, so that they become fans.

- Create groups on Facebook, related to your business, and send them to your main Facebook page. Group for example a site on love. "I'm single, but not proud (e) of being". With this group, you have a humorous title that will attract singles.

- From 1000 to 10,000 fans:

- Be there on blogs, broker opinion leaders and seek volunteers to have links to your Facebook page. This section may ask you a small investment.

- Invest in people, to search for the fans. Contact the friends of your friends, one by one on Facebook (no spam too) and also using the search. Invite them to "become a fan" (now the button "likes"), and, where appropriate, to publish a short message on his wall. 1 to 10 of 1000 will, but one person will reach 200 to 300 people with nothing but a message posted on his wall. If you do not want to invest, do it yourself, it will take a lot of time contacting people one by one. Book you one or two hours a day so you do not exceed your usual activity.

- You'll gradually get more fans, by force of circumstance. Friends of friends of your fans will see that more and more people will join, and they too will also join if they are interested. And so on ... The acquisition of fans to become viral. Hence the importance of choosing the name of the page from the start.

- From 10,000 to 100,000 fans:

- Invest in several email campaigns, for the fans. Now that you have an extensive list with your means of monetization made of mass emailing, until your 100 000 fans. Communicate priority to your Facebook page. A fan will be more loyal than a visitor.

- Invest in advertising on Facebook.

- Produce Content advantage.

- Be more present, and that it comes from you.

- Organize contests with a "viral condition." Retweet, become a fan to participate in the contest.

- 100,000 to 1,000,000 fans:

- You have enough fans, now you can invest in mass advertising. On facebook, you can advertise, targeting people by age, sex, and especially taste.

- Organize contests that will encourage people to join Facebook (again!). Make certain to follow the strict rules imposed by Facebook on this page: Here, your goal is to plant the condition "to be a fan, to be part of the participants'

- Be close to your fans, easy to contact.

- Continue emaling campaigns.

- When you got enough fans, start discussions on your page that will meet your fans, and their answers, their "I love the comment" will be displayed on their wall, so you have little other fans little. Now you have to live the page.

You know everything, you! Obviously you can see, if your niche is reduced 1 million fans, especially in France, it is almost impossible. Hence the importance, to define its niche strategy. But not follow all the steps, and you can easily get to 10,000 fans. If your site has a broader target, 1 million fans is "easily" achievable. (Have you ever wondered how these groups while simple like "Proud to be French" managed to reach over one million people?) I also imagine that many of you will have can not be means to invest immediately in advertising or email campaigns, monetization fault. Create groups, contact the members one by one, send messages, suggest them to do your promotion, and gradually you will get the number of fans you want. It is a work Dropper, especially early, and take you much time.


I realize that you will have trouble understanding some points I have argued, it is really effective in a vision of "mass", if your niche is smaller, draw some of these ideas, especially the creation of groups and contact members. Do not stop until you have at least 10,000 members.

Thank you for reading.
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