AdSense Account Disabled? Here Is The Solution!

AdSense Account Disabled

As you all know, Google Adsense is the #1 advertising network in the world. In fact a large number of websites using Google Adsense as the source of income! Google has algorithms and teams who keep their eyes on the sites to ensure they obey the rules of the advertising agency. Having your Adsense account disabled - certainly - not the end of the world because there are several methods to fix things which will be discussed in this tutorial.

Not to fail a second time; one must know the causes and consequences of disabling your Adsense account! In my early days I lost two Google Adsense accounts, I gained much experience that I'll share with you guy's.

Let's go!

AdSense Account Disabled?

My story with Adsense.

In 2015, I had the idea to start a website to share my knowledge with the world via After publishing a few quality articles I used an old Adsense account from my old site, after a few months of blogging everything worked Fine ... Until the day I received the famous message: We have disabled ad serving Google Adsense on your site I panicked, I stopped writing articles for two weeks I spent my time reading forums on how to recover disabled adsense account or Google AdSense alternative. Then Suddenly this quote comes to mind:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein

In short, I worked !!

I wrote Articles 3 months without income, I deleted items with copied content, I deleted the illegal links and I change the theme of the elements that are against the Adsense rules. is again able to display Adsense ads, it's party time.

If your Adsense account is disabled, this article will be your guide to recover banned adsense account.

The reasons, the lessons!

Here I will only talk about practical things, no more long articles about theoretical reasons! here are two main causes for Disabled AdSense Account.

Invalid Activity

If you receive the message that the reason for deactivation is invalid activity, this indicates that the problem is:
  • Click on your own AdSense ads
  • Unnatural traffic
  • Using scripts to encourage visitors to click on advertisements.


If this is not because of Invalid Activity, the reason is that your site is violating Google Adsense.
  • Illegal content (illegal links, hacking ...)
  • Theme misleading website (difficult to distinguish between advertising and content)
  • Copyright (eg copy paste)
For more details checkout Google Support page.

1st solution: Reactivate Google Adsense

Before talking about the reactivation of your Adsense, make the following steps:

If the Reason is Invalid Activity

  • Think about the natural traffic: ranking in search engines, optimize your presence on social networks.
  • Never click on your own ads,
  • Remove all kind of advertisements from your site.

If the Reason is Non-Compliant with Terms

  • Remove all Articles containing copy / paste
  • Remove the links and illegal content
  • Change the theme of the site
  • Write at least 50 Unique articles.
Once this is done, remember to optimize the quality of your site and to meet the needs of your visitors instead of crying all day on your Disabled AdSense account!

On the Internet, content is KING. It is therefore important to create value before contacting Google.
Once your site is back and receives natural visitors, you can finally contact Google via this form:

2nd solution: Migrate your site

If your site has been banned, this is not the end of the world! You can do as I have done, I changed the domain name, well, not the entire domain name!

I Migrated my domain extension from .COM to .NET.

After Migration, add the sitemap to Google Webmaster tools here :

Continue publish your content on the new website, the search engines will understand that you have changed your address and your new domain name will be referenced again!

Lesson Learned:

Keep this proverb in mind:

"Do Not Put All Your Eggs In One Basket".
Consider diversifying income sources of your site, either by adding a second advertising network as it complies with the terms of Google. There are other sources such as direct advertising, sponsored articles or direct sales or affiliation.

Do not forget that the rules of Google Adsense are made to ensure quality service to your visitors; Keep your site simple, do not overdo it, keep it simple.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!

Your Adsense account is disabled? Drop a comment!
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