How To Choose A Good Web Hosting? (4 Secrets)

How To Choose A Good Web Hosting

As you know that there are several web hosting companies in the market, most of them do not have the experience that will enable them to provide superior service.

And this is also the case for their advertisements, everyone talks about unlimited space or unlimited bandwidth, but few talk about what I choose to tell you about in this article.

In fact it's a indispensable that each should follow good accommodation to provide service to global standards, according to my own view.

I'll talk about the fundamental role of seniority in the success of a web host (1and1), technical support, regular maintenance, Uptime and basic data that you already know!

Let's go!

Seniority, vision!

As you know, companies generally gain experience over the years, and that's the thing that makes the difference between good service and another!

You should know that vision plays a role too, because without vision web hosts will not have the moral motivation to work and meet the needs of their customers are increasing day by day.

To know if a web hosting company is old or not, simply type the domain name to the website:

It is also Important to read the legal licenses for the host in question, it will contain information on the creation date.

1. Technical support.

The most important in a Web hosting technical support, without good technical support you will lose a lot of money, even if the accommodation cost you less!

During the life of your website you will have several issues with your script or some PHP extensions, if your technical support takes one day to receive a response, then there you need to think about change provider, and this is where you will start to lose your money.

Good technical support will assure you a very professional service and regular maintenance that I will detail a little below.

2. Regular maintenance.

It is that servers use hardware resources and also software, and maintenance-free speed and efficiency of such servers will decline. And here we talk of the term "data processing centers" (Data Centers), these are large physical spaces containing thousands of computer servers and each server contains all the accommodation and virtual private servers.

So you have to think that the web host offers a very well-conditioned accommodation with a regular maintenance service.

3. Uptime.

The Uptime is an Important element in determining the quality of accommodation, it's a rate that measures the percentage of the available access to your sites.

Good Uptime is close to 99.99%, a bad Uptime is less than 99%!

Among the accommodations that offer a very powerful Uptime found on 1and1, throw a glance to see what they have to offer.

4. Space, speed, performance.

The space, speed and performance are the oldest items in the industry of web hosting, I know people who have an accommodation with space much higher than their need, others use server then they will only need a VPS or shared hosting.

There you go !

If you have questions on the subject do not hesitate to ask me! =)

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