8 Tips To Boost Your Website Traffic

8 Tips To Boost Your Website Traffic

Have you created your website but you do not know from where to start getting traffic? Want to maximize traffic to your website? Have you spent hours and days searching for the right way to boost your traffic?

This article is made for you !

Optimize your site for search engines

As you knew, the search engine is the heart of the Internet, it allows people to find resources (articles, photos, videos, forums ...). Most websites receive 90% of their traffic from the search engines!

Google is one of the powerful search engine. In what follows, I will show you how to optimize your website for search engine.

For example, when a person seeks information on Google, it will be referred to your site according to the desired keywords.

This type of traffic is the one you want.

The most important thing is to optimize your links, put a good headline, a good description, and do not forget to put the meta TAG.

The URL plays a very important role in the SEO of your website, such as a kind of link (Bloggingchimp.net/Boost-your-website-traffic...) is better than a kind of link (Bloggingchimp.net/?page=986345876) . Because the search engine prefers links that contains keywords not the link containing insignificant codes ...

Unfortunately, there will always be possible to get the perfect URL to make your site the first regarding the results of research but choose wisely, because the majority of sites have the search terms in their URLs.

Create a MAXIMUM of content

Generally, a site with more content, it will have more chance to be found by search engines!

And you create more content, the more you will have chance to attract a maximum of readers!

The comments free content

Do you think one day why there are blogs or websites that have dozens of items when they exceed those hundreds and sometimes thousands of articles?

These are the comments that generate traffic! The more your blog gets a lot of comments, the more you will be able to generate maximum traffic.

With more comments, you can increase your Alexa ranking without posting any new article, your site will be more active and indexed by search engines!

And I repeat again that it is the free content!

Put quality articles, and wait a few hours ... and hope. Comments everywhere!

Keep your visitors!

I'll tell you one thing ... Do you know that 90% of your visitors do not come back?

Yes, most of your visitors do not come back to your blog, even if they have read some articles in your blog and post comments.

Because these visitors are only human beings, your website is just one website from thousands of web sites visited by the visitor, then how to retain your visitor and make a faithful reader?

In what follows, I will show you ways to keep at least half of these lost 90% of visitors ...

Add an RSS feed

First, the RSS feed allows you to receive the latest news, whether about the weather, the latest trends in music, local news etc ... you are informed as soon as it's published!

Since an RSS feed provides a summary of an article, it saves time by helping to select priority items to do on the web. By inserting a link to your RSS feed in your site, you will allow your visitors to follow the news of your web-site, which will increase your traffic easily.

I recommend using the free service FeedBurner to Google, it is a tool used by many websites.

Users who subscribe to the RSS feed receive the latest information on a product or service without the website sending spam messages. This is very advantageous for both the person using the website and the website owner. Internet marketing has become increasingly targeted, people interested in such a product or service can use the RSS feed to stay abreast of what interests them precisely. 

Remember to highlight the LOGO RSS into your website (As do many websites).

Create a Newsletter

Use Newsletter to send a document (either HTML or text) periodically emailed to a list of the registered visitors.

You can create a news-letter with an auto-responder.

Social Media

As you know, Facebook is the #1 social network in the world.

This giant will allow your visitors using facebook to be aware through your facebook page, it is recommended to add a "Fan Box" in your web-site, or an icon to push your visitors (those already on facebook) to follow the news of your website.

It's the same for the microblogging giant Twitter

You can use this web-site: http://twitterfeed.com, this website automates your Post's on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites!

Write articles on other sites

The advantage of this type of traffic

The purpose of the articles you write is: First allow your blog or site to be indexed by search engines quickly, because when you publish an article on one of the site, Google analyzes and this accelerates the process.

On the other hand, this method helps your find new loyal visitors who will subscribe to your new Articles on these sites!

How can we find these sites?

You can find thousands of sites that offer this service, according to your keyword, simply use Google. Enter this code in the search engine Google.com: [Html] Keywords + "submit an article" [/ html]


I recommend you To Get traffic from search engines and from external links.

And do not forget to create a news-letter and create your facebook and twitter pages.

If you have questions regarding this Post, feel free to post comments!
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