How to improve your bounce rate?

reduce bounce rate

 Bounce rate will be the percentage of readers that land on your own blog and leave after one page view (and as a result without visiting some other pages).

Or more simply, the rate of visitors who leave your website after viewing one page.

The higher the rate, the lower your score is better.

1. Improve the blog loading speed :

A blog that takes too long to Load, readers Do not want to wait for the page to finish loading and leave your blog before reading the first page.

What are the factors that slow the website speed?
  • Too many widgets (gadgets):
plus there are widgets on your page, the more it takes a long time to appear. So remove folk widgets that are not essential to your blog, such as weather or news. Keep widgets that allow you to subscribe to your blog, share your blog, links to your other blogs.
  • Overly large images:
using images or drawings with reduced size. How? First by reducing the size (for example max. 500 pixels wide or high), then decreasing image density (fewer pixels). This is possible with photo editing or drawing software.

2. Design Of Blog :

Attractive design will entice your readers, an ugly design push them to leave your Blogger blog even if the content is quality.

Apparently, readers prefer a design rather sober white background to a dark background design.

3. Quality Content:

If your content is not good, your blog does not Perform very well.

Write on topics that you know well and where your opinion can be considered an expert thoughts and opinion. Also try posting unique content: your opinion or experience will interest most readers that are already available on the web content.

4. Pop-ups :

The pop-ups are widgets that appear before the page.

Believe me, readers hate pop-ups, avoid them whenever possible. Or rather, avoid them altogether.

We understand that you say it's good to have a pop-up that causes people to subscribe to your site but no, it's best to put the tools to subscribe somewhere high up on the page, but in the margin.

If your reader is interested, he will look himself in this place modules allowing it to subscribe. And if he is not really interested, he will never visit your blog when it will receive new articles in your e-mail or its RSS feed,

5. Facilitate navigation :

Give your readers the opportunity to explore your blog easily:
  1. Create pages with related articles
  2. Use the Labels widget
  3. Use the Archive widget
Do not use them all at once but use those most logical for your blog.

6. Create links to older articles :

In your articles, please refer to articles you have published previously and have a relationship with your new article.

7. External links :

When you insert links to external sites, ensure that these links will open in a new window.

This way, you get the reader to stay longer on your page while he visits the external link (it plays an important role in the statistics of your blog).

Then, if the player wants to come back to your blog after visiting external link, it is still open in their browser. So avoid him having to go back x number of times.


The tips above should help to decrease your bounce rate.

But an equally important factor is to publish regularly. The more you publish regularly (once a week minimum 1, maximum 1 per day), the better you will be placed in the search results and you will have more visitors.

You will have more new visitors and more likely to have visitors who stay if your blog is beautiful, quick to load, not drowned by countless widgets and that the content is interesting.

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