6 WordPress plugins to protect your WordPress blog

Protect Wordpress

          Safety has always been the priority of any successful blogger. And each of them knows that there is no ultimate or absolute security. That's why we here at BloggingChimp, we regularly offer solutions that allow you to put more and more to your blog surprises shelter.

In this article, you will get the best WordPress plugins on the safety of blogs. These are available on CodeCanyon.

1. Guaven FP :

Guaven fp wordpress plugin

Since the pirates proceed to identify the most vulnerable areas to execute their attacks, it can be very effective to hide the name of your theme, and that is exactly what provides the plugin Guavent FP.

What he actually did, it allows you to change the name of a theme, without necessarily affecting its performance. Thus, hackers will be very difficult to distinguish your theme and apply an attack.

2. WP Security Manager :

wp security manager wordpress plugin

Looking rather an all in one solution?

While WP Security Manager allows you to save money.

But what does he propose?

  • IP address management
  • Report on the activities of the connections
  • Alerts on attacks email addresses
  • Changing the dashboard link
  • And more.

3. Security Ninja Bundle :

Security Ninja Wordpress Plugin

This plugin provides enough functionality similar to the one above, and is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress security.

It allows you indeed to protect your login page and enrollment scan your blog to look for possible threats to access a progress report on the connections.

This is actually a plugin and several of its extensions (that is certainly what justifies its price).

4. Swift Security :

swift security wordpress plugin

A solution for a one-click setup. Indeed, I wish to emphasize the simplicity of configurations. It offers popular and sought after features by bloggers such as:

  • Protecting the login page and dashboard
  • Compressing JavaScript files for faster execution of the blog
  • An internal firewall
  • An IP monitoring tool
  • An analysis tool (and analytical planning)
  • Notifications via email
  • And more

5. LogPress :

logpress wordpress plugin

This plugin is much more designed for WordPress developers professionals. It allows you, in fact, increase efficiency in the development of WordPress plugins.

More concretely, this plugin logs all activities (errors, notes, warnings) in a report which can be accessed at any time.

It can also be used in the protection of your blog, in the sense that it allows to trace a connection activity on your blog, attempts to SQL injections and more.

6. Smart Cron Tools :

Smart cron tools wordpress plugin

This plugin allows you to automate certain tasks on your WordPress blog. It should therefore be considered a priori to the plugin "Draft Scheduler". In short, it allows you to identify, display or remove all programmed actions on your WordPress blog.

It displays all the information in an easy to understand chart, with detailed information on future actions. On each line, you will have the opportunity to apply some additional operations (delete, Run, Clean, etc).

That's it for this list of plugins on the security of your WordPress blog. I hope you find one that can perfectly match your expectations. Feel free to share the article with your friends on your favorite social networks.

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